Master of Arts (Biblical, Historical and Theological Studies)

A graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary’s Master of Arts (Biblical, Historical and Theological Studies) is a person who can expect preparation for further graduate studies in Old Testament, New Testament, Anabaptism and Pietism, Church History or Christian Theology. Students will be better equipped in foundational courses for teaching in Bible colleges or denominational teaching positions. This academic degree will also expose the student to biblical, historical, or theological research and writing.

Students earning the Master of Arts (Biblical, Historical and Theological Studies) degree must complete 96 quarter hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale. This degree is comprised of 44 quarter hours of core courses, 3 M.A. core courses and 10 courses from the following options: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Christian Theology, Anabaptism and Pietism. Take a look at the degree worksheets for the various concentrations within the Master of Arts (Biblical, Historical, and Theological Studies).

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Beth Hoffman

Beth's first audited class awakened the desire within her to earn a full seminary degree. She has no idea what lies beyond the degree but is excited to walk that path in faith.

Mike Hadinger

Mike's first year at seminary has confirmed that ATS is where God wants him. The professors, classes, and quickly-developed friendships have all contributed in different and significant ways to BOTH Mike's academic and spiritual growth.


The Master of Arts in Biblical, Historical, Theological Studies degree is designed for students who desire to prepare for additional studies in Old or New Testament, Anabaptism and Pietism, Church History, or Christian Theology. Careers in teaching, research, and writing can begin with this degree. Alumni have continued in doctoral programs at Candler, Ohio State, Michigan, Trinity, and more.

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