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Master of Arts in
Practical Theology

Doing ministry together

A graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary’s Master of Arts (Practical Theology) (MAPT) is a person who will experience how the strong work of sound biblical and theological study meets the practice of doing ministry. Our Master of Arts (Practical Theology) prepares students for ministry in church and para-church organizations with a solid foundation and practical application. Check here for the MAPT Student Learning Outcomes.

Degree Design

Class Name Credit Hours
Spiritual Formation 4 hours
Field Study 4 hours
Engaging Texts and Contexts 3 hours
Introduction to the Old Testament (Part One) 3 hours
Introduction to the Old Testament (Part Two) 3 hours
Introduction to the New Testament 3 hours
Christian Theology for the Kingdom of God 3 hours
Christian Ethics 3 hours
Story of the Christian Faith 3 hours
Kingdom Mission in a Global Community 3 hours
Well-being in Ministry 3 hours
Worship and the Community of God 3 hours
Leadership/Administration 3 hours
Pastoral Care & Pastoral Counseling 3 hours
Any two of the following:
Proclaiming the Word of God 3 hours
Forming the People of God 3 hours
Missions, Evangelism, & Church Growth 3 hours
Open Elective 3 hours
Open Elective 3 hour
Total Hours 55 hours

MAPT Videos

Nate Bebout

As a college minister, Nate works with students who are grasping for God’s plan for their life and are often lost in uncertainty and crisis. ATS has empowered him to be confident in the Spirit’s leading as he points these students toward Christ.

Dustin White

Connecting with the urban homeless, sharing life with Hispanic immigrants, and figuring out church-planting are all part of Dustin's daily life but are not part of most institutions’ catalogues. ATS went out of the way to connect coursework to Dustin's context and equip him for daily ministry.

Jamie White

Jamie wasn’t sure if seminary education was right for her, but she was thrilled to find out that ATS was willing to cater a degree towards her specific giftings and ministry calling.


The Master of Arts in Practical Theology invite you on the same spiritually formative journey as our other programs, but with a focus on competency in a specialized area of ministry. Worship pastors, chaplains, evangelists, educators, and missionaries may find this to be the perfect program to enhance their knowledge and skills. Men and women from traditions that do not require a Master of Divinity may find the MA to be all they need to take their ordained ministry to the next level.

Who to Contact

Miles Larson 419-207-6977