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Master of Divinity

Integrating heart and mind

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) will take you on a transformative path of personal formation, biblical, theological inquiry and relational growth. This program has been revamped so you can complete your degree faster (80 credit hours) without sacrificing the academic excellence that you have come to expect.

The MDiv degree is not only ideal to equip pastors but also spiritual leaders called to serve as chaplains, teachers, missionaries, campus ministers, church planters and spiritual directors among other ministerial positions. The program is built upon our institutional core of Bible, Theology and History courses.

Students earning an MDiv degree must complete 80 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.


Another reason that makes our seminary so special to equip for ministry!

At our Cohort program, you will spend a year taking classes in a small group setting. Each class is structured so time is divided in half. The first half is occupied in a lecture imparted by a faculty member. The second half is dedicated to small group discussion facilitated by an experienced pastor. We have created a space for spiritual growth, prayer and support to assist you discover and answer your unique calling.

Degree Design

Class Name Credit Hours
Spiritual Formation 4 hours
Field Study 4 hours
Engaging Texts and Contexts 3 hours
Introduction to the Old Testament (Part One) 3 hours
Introduction to the Old Testament (Part Two) 3 hours
Introduction to the New Testament 3 hours
Christian Theology for the Kingdom of God 3 hours
Christian Ethics 3 hours
Story of the Christian Faith 3 hours
Kingdom Mission in a Global Community 3 hours
Well-being in Ministry 3 hours
Worship and the Community of God 3 hours
Leadership/Administration 3 hours
Pastoral Care & Pastoral Counseling 3 hours
Proclaiming the Word of God 3 hours
Forming the People of God 3 hours
Open Electives 6 hours
CStudying the Bible in Translation 3 hours
Missions, Evangelism, & Church Growt 3 hours
Pastoral Care/Counseling Electives 3 hours
Elective in Biblical Studies 3 hours
Electives in CHTP 6 hour
Open Electives 9 hour
Total Hours 80 hours

MDIV Videos

Bill McCallion

Bill's college years were filled with the stereotypical drinking, drugs, and girls, but a community of believers found him and made all the difference. Now, as Bill ministers to college students, God is using that grace-filled story to help others.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey began her undergraduate journey with dreams of law school, but God showed up in a big way and changed the rest of her life.


The MDiv program will take you on a transformative journey of personal formation, biblical and theological inquiry, and relational growth. By exploring biblical languages, you will open scripture’s voice for the church today. The #1 reason our students chose Ashland among all seminaries is our commitment to spiritual formation. You will learn to lead out of the changes God has made and is making in your life.

Who to Contact

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