Doug Cooper

Executive Director, City Gates Initiative

When it comes to leadership and organizational refinement, Doug is much more a product of hands-on experience than of academia. 

For 25+ years, Doug has worked in leadership and consultative roles within retail, manufacturing, service, professional and media-related business environs, where he has gained and tested great perspective on motivating and mobilizing people in large and small profit-driven companies. Cooper’s entrepreneurial leadership tendencies and philosophy have been nurtured, refined, and proven in these realms. He has also put this training to use in the Kingdom realm in the areas of church organization, worship and young adult ministries.

Doug currently hones his own and others’ gifts as Executive Director of City Gates Initiative, where he helps others pursue their spiritual calling in the marketplace. He maintains hands-on organizational influence as a social entrepreneur and founder of Goldberry Roasting Co., a for-profit corporation, and of Coffee Growing Community, a non-profit organization supporting the spiritual and economic well-being of coffee growers and their communities.

It is Doug’s love of simplicity, clarity and authenticity that moves him to de-construct and re-think the ways things get done in life. This drives a leadership philosophy that drills through convention to search for the most effective ways to achieve purpose and goals.

The leadership role that Cooper finds most fulfilling is in serving his wife, four grown children, three children-in-law and six grandchildren in Ashland, Ohio.

Doug Cooper
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