Glenn Black

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Many students first meet Glenn early in thier Ashland experience either at a preview event or applying for scholarship.  Having earned a degree from Ashland Theological Seminary himself, Glenn knows the importance of feeling confident in your choice of seminary. He was drawn to ATS because of its diversity in people, denominations and experiences. It was this diversity that indicated to Glenn that Ashland is about transformation, rather than indoctrination.

Upon his graduation from ATS, Glenn intended to move on to a new location, particularly hoping for a climate with warmer winters. However, God opened doors for him to begin working in the Enrollment Office, and he found that he loves the process of helping students discover their calling.

Glenn and his wife, Sarah, have become mentors and surrogate parents to many students, using their incredible gift of hospitality to make others feel at home in Ashland. Whether they are cheering on the seminary intramural teams, making a delicious meal for hungry students, leading a small group, or hosting a student in their home, the Blacks are an indispensable and much-appreciated part of the ATS community.

Contact 419-289-5151
Denomination Brethren
Education MA CounselingAshland Theological Seminary BA Business AdministrationAshland University