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Our History

Theologs 1911Ashland Theological Seminary is a graduate division of Ashland University. For over a century, theological education has been an integral part of the mission of the university. The 1888 charter and constitution of Ashland University (then College) specified that the training of suitable persons “for the ministry of the gospel shall always be sacredly regarded as one of the main objects of this institution.”

To fulfill this mission, J. Allen Miller resigned his position as president of the university in 1906 in order to become the dean of the college’s theological department. Thus began a century of welcoming in and sending out thousands of men and women to live out our mission of transformed leaders serving the church and the world. The picture shared is the class of 1911 of the theologians who graduated from Ashland.

Today, Ashland Theological Seminary is a broadly evangelical seminary with 336 students. Historically, ATS has served students from over 70 different denominations and para-church organizations. Our faculty and administration are committed to the development of affordable and accessible training for anyone who seeks to grow in their calling to ministry. We believe in partnering with the local church for professional development through certificate training and specialization, as well as completion of a degree.

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