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Core Values of the Seminary




Ashland Seminary believes God’s saving revelation has been supremely made in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the complete and authentic record of that revelation. We are committed to both the Old and New Testaments as God’s infallible message for the church and the world. The Scriptures are foundational to the education process at Ashland Seminary.


Ashland Seminary builds community through shared faith. As students, staff, faculty, and administration, we identify ourselves as community. We express community through Chapel, classes, Spiritual Formation groups, social events, conferences, prayer cells, and joint ministry experiences as we work and live together. Within this environment of support and challenge, it is possible for us to grow inwardly, in our relationship with God and others, and in our outlook on the world.


Ashland Seminary believes that Spiritual Formation is at the heart of all we do. Spiritual Formation is the process of nurturing an intimate relationship with God, encompassing heart, soul, and mind. Spiritual Formation is obedience to the Word of Christ and an intentional commitment to grow, study, pray, and be held accountable for our life and witness, both before God and one another.


Ashland Seminary is committed to academic excellence. While seminary education is unique, Ashland creates an atmosphere conducive to academic studies and sustains high scholastic standards from an internationally recognized faculty. Integrated within our curriculum is the whole framework of the Seminary’s Core Values leading to a goal of lifelong learning expressed through servant leadership.

Ashland University Mission and Vision


Ashland University, guided by our Christian heritage, is a comprehensive, private university that provides a transformative learning experience, shaping graduates who work, serve and lead with integrity in their local, national, and global communities.


Ashland University aspires to be a nationally recognized private university, where traditions of excellence are fostered and students discern their life calling and thrive.

Ashland University Mission and Vision


Ashland Theological Seminary is part of the Graduate School of Ashland University, under the governance of the same Board of Trustees. The Seminary seeks to fulfill the identity statement of the University, while at the same time being true to its own unique calling as found in its mission and identity statements.

Ashland Theological Seminary integrates theological education with Christ-centered transformation as it equips men and women for ministry in the church and the world.

Ashland Theological Seminary will creatively provide comprehensive educational resources for the development of Christian leaders who serve the church as well as its partner organizations and in the marketplace. These resources constitute a continuum of learning that extends the seminary’s ministry far beyond the traditional degree program offerings.


In order to carry out its mission, Ashland brings together a faculty with shared commitment to biblical, evangelical faith; the pursuit of excellence in teaching; professional development through continuing education and research; and service to the church and the world. This interdenominational team of educators attempts to create both a community of fellowship and a climate for learning. The faculty recognizes teaching supported by research and scholarship as their central and most important responsibility.

Learners are challenged to ground their Christian identity in an intimate relationship with God as they grow to maturity in Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This growth takes place in the context of a nurturing community that encourages learners to develop and exemplify a Christ-like character. Through the classroom and co-curricular experiences, learners are challenged to clarify their unique calling in the Kingdom of God. The curriculum is designed to develop competence in hermeneutics, biblical studies, history and theology, as well as ministry areas such as preaching, teaching, leadership, worship, pastoral care, counseling, spiritual formation, missions, and evangelism.

The Seminary creates a learning environment that emphasizes both biblical conviction and tolerance. This climate facilitates the appreciation of persons from diverse Christian traditions within a cross-cultural perspective. Learners are encouraged to deepen their understanding of and involvement in their own denominational traditions. The Seminary models and fosters a commitment to servant leadership according to the example of Jesus and to lifelong learning which balances ministry and family life.

The administration and staff serve an essential role in helping faculty fulfill the mission of Ashland. Modeling an attitude of servant leadership, they seek to provide all the necessary institutional resources for all members of the community to excel in their areas of ministry and responsibility.

The Seminary provides a continuum of learning that includes certificate, masters, doctoral, and continuing education programs. These opportunities serve the needs of both traditional students and other learners representing a variety of church, para-church, and secular settings.

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