Admission Requirements

Men and women come from across the street and around the world to join the learning community at Ashland. With an open enrollment policy and no application deadlines, the door is always open for new students to start in August, January, or May.

An undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher is required for standard admission. Students with a GPA lower than a 2.75 may be admitted on academic probation at the discretion of the review committee. If your undergraduate degree was earned from an unaccredited institution, admission can only be offered on academic probation.


  • A completed online application
  • A non-refundable application fee of $35 (waived if you attend an Experience Ashland Event)
  • Two recommendations (pastoral & professional)
  • An official transcript from all post- secondary schools attended prior to application. Students may not attend classes until their official transcripts have been received by the Office of Enrollment Management
  • Responses to several essay questions as identified in the online application
  • A personal interview may be required at the request of the Director of Enrollment Management
  • A personal interview is required of all Counseling applicants as well as a personality inventory for MACMHC candidates.

All applicants should review the student handbook and agree to abide by the policies therein before applying to Ashland.

Guest Students

If you would like to take a class without enrolling in a degree program, you can do so as a guest student. Guest Students come to Ashland for many reasons:

  • You want to take a class for personal growth or interest
  • You would like to complete a certificate program
  • You need a class to transfer to another institution
  • You want to test the academic waters at Ashland

Guest Students are welcome to submit your application and supporting documents today.


God’s timing is always perfect. If you’ve studied previously at the Seminary and would like to pick up your studies once again, you will need to reactivate your file before enrolling in classes.

In order to reactivate, you must complete the following requirements, depending on how long it has been since you were last active

Less than two years

  • Application to Reactivate

Two to Five Years

  • Application to Reactivate
  • Responses to 2-5 year reactivation essay
  • Pastor Reference

More than Five Years

  • If you have been inactive for more than 5 years, we will ask you to submit a completed online application and file to be considered for reactivation.

International Students

Ashland values the diversity of our campuses. We have a rich heritage of students coming from around the world, training and living with us, then being sent out to impact their home nations. There are limited financial resources to assist international students with tuition which requires us to limit scholarship aid to students entering on a J Visa.

Several factors are used in determining which applicants join us. Please review these items to determine if application to Ashland is still a good fit for you:

  • Are you currently involved in a church ministry in your home country?
  • Have you taken advantage of the theological education available in your home country?
  • Are you willing to commit to return to your home country after completing studies at Ashland?
  • Do you meet the English requirements for enrollment?
  • Do you possess adequate qualifications to pursue graduate level studies?
  • Do you possess adequate financial resources to live and study in the United States?

If you are confident that you can meet the above criteria, we welcome your application.

You will be asked to sign an “International Student Statement of Agreement” before you begin your studies at Ashland. We take this agreement to be signed on your personal and Christian integrity. Failure to fulfill the commitments of this agreement could result in dismissal from the academic program and repayment of any scholarship dollars awarded. Please read the agreement below.

International Student Statement of Agreement

I hereby agree to the terms stated below in my acceptance of scholarship from Ashland Seminary

  • I agree to return to my home country immediately following my graduation from Ashland Seminary and to serve a minimum of three years in ministry before seeking additional graduate work or other ministry opportunity. I agree that there will be no exceptions to this commitment.
  • I agree to commit five hours per week in volunteer service to the Seminary or other agency as recommended by the Seminary. I understand this time is not paid, but rather volunteer in nature.
  • I agree and understand that this scholarship for the precise purpose of providing ministry to people in my native country and therefore promise to honor all of my commitments of dedication to the tasks of preparing for ministry and to returning home to engage in ministry.
  • I fully understand that failure to abide by these agreements will be a violation of my word of faith and will require full and complete repayment of all scholarships received.
  • I fully understand that the policy of Ashland Seminary is to not provide authorization for post-graduation work experience within the United States once I have completed the courses required for my graduation from the Seminary.

International students must submit the following to the Enrollment committee at Ashland Seminary:

  • A completed application form (Online Application)
  • You will find specific requirements in the International Student Guide. Please print, complete, and submit the Financial Certification form and both the Affidavit of Support 1 and Affidavit of Support 2.
  • Once completed application and International Student Guide are submitted to the Enrollment office, additional forms will be sent.
  • The completion of the TOEFL which is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (this exam can be obtained from TOEFL, Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08541, U.S.A. Copies are also available at U.S.. Embassies and Consulates). A minimum score on the TOEFL of 550 is required for admission into Ashland Seminary. (Please have scores sent directly to Ashland Seminary.)
  • Official transcripts of all postsecondary education
  • A recent unmounted photograph for identification purposes

Counseling Admission Requirements

  • Admission to the Seminary
  • Undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Be available for a personal interview with the director of the counseling track desired
  • Complete psychological testing required of the individual counseling track

Need More Info?

The generosity of our friends and alumni provide endowed scholarships that serve the needs of our full time students.

Who to Contact

Renee Johnson 419-289-5704