Master of Arts (Religion)

A graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary's Master of Arts in Religion, also known as the MAR, is someone who desires a survey knowledge of the biblical, historical, and theological disciplines and the opportunity to develop critical thinking and writing skills. This academic degree prepares the student for further graduate study as it grants exposure to the theological disciplines.

Students earning the Master of Arts (Religion) degree must complete 88 quarter hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale. These hours will comprise of 44 quarter hours of core courses and 2 M.A.R. cores. The remainder hours of the degree are composed of 36 hours of flexible electives allowing for maximum freedom in crafting a degree of coursework formatted to the students personal interests and research objectives. Take a look at the degree worksheet for the Master of Arts in Religion degree.

MAR Videos

Beth Hoffman

Beth's first audited class awakened the desire within her to earn a full seminary degree. She has no idea what lies beyond the degree but is excited to walk that path in faith.

Mike Hadinger

Mike's first year at seminary has confirmed that ATS is where God wants him. The professors, classes, and quickly-developed friendships have all contributed in different and significant ways to BOTH Mike's academic and spiritual growth.


The Master of Arts in Religion degree is designed for those who desire a survey knowledge of the biblical, theological and historical disciplines and the opportunity to develop deep critical thinking skills.

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