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From Tragedy to Triumph and Opportunity: Friendship & Ministry to Muslims in America

Have you noticed how many Muslims are making their home in the United States?
Have you wished you could become more at-ease, becoming friends with people from a Muslim background?  If so . . . this webinar is for you.

Please join us on Monday evening, May 17th at 7:00 p.m. EST.    Register here.

Through this one-hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn of the rapid growth of Islam in the United States.
  • Hear of the story of a Muslim woman who sought to convert Christians to Islam, then become a follower of Jesus.
  • Better understand how to develop friendships with Muslim immigrants, refugees, and international students.
  • Gain a basic understanding of Islam, and ways to help them meet Jesus.
  • Learn how "1040 Global Ministry" seeks to help others befriend Muslims.

 Meet PAtras & Naomi Rahmat

Petras and Naomi RahmatPatras was born in Pakistan on February 3, 1979. His forefathers came from a Hindu background. He gave his life to Christ when he was 16 years old and since that time has had a heart to reach the unreached and unengaged people of the world. He volunteered with Operation Mobilization and with the Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students (PFES) until 1998. In 1999, he planted a church among Hindus in Pakistan and pioneered two schools for village people. During those years, Patras was involved in the organization of many evangelistic activities in Pakistan.

In 2002, he was sent by his local church to plant another church - this time in Islamabad. While there, God gave him a great burden for the Iranian and Afghani refugees in his country. He started a small fellowship among them. In 2003, Patras was sent as the first Pakistani missionary to Afghanistan. He served there while single and then with his wife Naomi after they were married. Their ministry in Afghanistan was fruitful, but because of persecution, they had to return to Pakistan in 2008.

Naomi was a devoted Muslim when she found Christ at age 15. Her father was an Imam. Her mother was an Islamic teacher and her grandfather was the president of the mosque. Naomi’s passion was to convert the Christians in Pakistan to Islam. In the process, she discovered that she herself had no peace or assurance of salvation in Islam. After two years of comparing the Quran with the Bible, she cried out to God to show her the truth – and He did. She had been passionate about Islam, but she became even more passionate about Jesus. Within one year, 18 of her immediate family came to Christ despite extreme persecution.

When Patras and Naomi returned from Afghanistan, they planted another church in Islamabad and were very actively sharing Jesus with Muslims. They were on fire for the Lord, but they began to receive many death threats from the Taliban and from other fanatical Islamic groups. Their lives were in danger.

In 2013, God miraculously granted them a visa to the United States and they came to Ohio in November of 2013. They were seeking religious asylum, but have gone on to become US citizens.

Patras and Naomi have a great passion for the Muslims from Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian countries who are living in the US. They believe that God has brought them here to reach these people through friendship, fellowship and sharing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ.

Patras has a BA in Accounting and Business and a MBA in Human Resources. He completed his pastoral training at Asia Theological Center for Missions and Evangelism in Singapore. He also has a Masters of Ministry degree and is currently working on his MDiv at Ashland Seminary. The Rahmats have 3 children: Yesse, Nehemiah and Abigail.

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