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Life 631

A residential curricular and co-curricular initiative that will equip and empower you to invest in deep and sustaining commitments impacting your life-long pursuit of personal and ministry formation. The heart of LIFE 631 is to prioritize your journey toward Christ and His likeness, growing you emotionally and spiritually in the context of Christian community, and developing your ability to lead and empower others on that same pilgrimage.

Join us for this virtual Preview on Tuesday evening, June 15th at 7:00 p.m.  EST as we highlight LIFE 631 residential program at Ashland Theological Seminary.
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Leads to the Master of Divinity, MDIV in Chaplaincy and Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degrees. Students participating in LIFE 631 will  be part of a cohort.


Grow emotionally and spiritually within the context of community.  Finding balance in life between study, community, service, and personal formation which is an essential component of sustainable ministry. This is a residential program is offered  at the Ashland Theological Seminary Campus in Ashland, Ohio.  Housing scholarships included. 


By joining our LIFE 631 program you will be resourced and skilled in ministering God’s word in ways that are biblically, theologically, and historically sound, practically faithful and culturally relevant.

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