Lenten Season ~ Ash Wednesday - Ashland Theological Seminary

Season of Lent - Week 1

Jesus is Calling

Dear Friends, our passage of Mark 1:17 frames our Lenten journey as it reminds us that Jesus is still calling us.  We are his beloved disciples whom he calls to follow him to his cross.  He commanded his first disciples, “Come, follow me” (Mark 1:17 NIV).  Likewise, he invites us anew to do the same.  Jesus calls us as his own to lay down our selfish desires and join him afresh on his journey of obedience and devotion.  Our challenge is to be always aware to his leading and drawing us onward.  We are called to hear his voice and obey in trust in his loving grace.  We walk in his path daily dying to self as Jesus continually transforms us into his likeness as a chrysalis becomes a beautiful butterfly.  We trust in Jesus’s might and power as we commit to walk down the path of life in service with him.  We stand with Jesus in the suffering and death that the cross may require, as well as the joy it brings.  We believe that we will surely rise upward like Jesus in renewed hope.  We pray to receive again his grace this Lent. We ask afresh for his promises of cleansing, renewal, and healing. Let us pray, “O Lord God, may you pour your hope in us as we walk with Jesus and fill us with your peace as we wait to receive again his resurrected joy, glory, and love this Easter morning.”  Amen.

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