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Leadership Development Options for Busy Church Leaders

Leadership Development Options for Busy Church Leaders

Ashland Theological Seminary was featured in Church Executive Magazine regarding leadership development options for busy church leaders. Chris Norman, CFRE, Director of Marketing and Development at Ashland Theological Seminary provided insight into some of the most in-demand leadership and management training request. Norman explained, "Skills which are often required, but seldom taught, are: time management, fundraising, project management, financial management, supervision, delegation, and the newer skills of social media and digital communication." Full-time church leaders are often limited in time due to various obligations, which leaves less time for leadership and management training. When questioned about how Ashland Theological Seminary accommodates this obstacle for full-time church leaders, Norman replied, "Knowing when and how to delegate while building competencies is important. All of us know that the willingness and enthusiasm of the untrained and unprepared will actually make the work harder. Appropriate training, therefore, is the key.  At Ashland Theological Seminary, we always stress the art and practice of critical thinking in the age of information. The critical thinker will understand the strategic and tactical values of effective leadership development and will schedule time, talent, and resources accordingly."

To read the entire Church Executive Magazine article entitled, "Leadership Development Options For Busy Church Leaders" download a copy below. 



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