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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Edith Vilamajó earned a graduate diploma in Leadership Studies in May of 2015 and received a Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Leadership in May of 2016. 

 She shares her story with us during this holiday season . . .

 The Lord used my time in Ashland amazingly, it was at the center of an extraordinary change in direction in all levels of my life. Half way through my two years in Ashland I got married to Peter. After leaving Ashland, we moved to the university city of Oxford, in England, and our wonderful son, Alex, who is now 5 years old, was born. I started to serve at a school of theology in Spain, my native country. The school is online and this has given me a beautiful opportunity to serve my country and my people, even at a distance, with the gifts and the training the Lord has given me. I am a Teacher at the school and the Dean of Students.

 Spain has a population of over 47 million but there are only 450.000 Evangelical Christians, 4.000 evangelical churches and 5 theological schools. Our school follows the accredited model but, without being officially accredited yet, and has, as I write, 57 active students. Most of them serve voluntarily or bi-vocationally, in one capacity or other, in their local churches. The need is great and yet, the workers are few. What a privilege to walk alongside these men and women who love the Lord and, long to be better prepared to serve Him, for His glory and the extension of the Kingdom, in Spain and beyond. 

 I walk alongside students ensuring they develop holistically, not only academically but, also spiritually and practically so that they can experience a blessed academic journey. I am creating a mentoring culture that will ensure that all students have suitable mentors (required for their academic journey), who I keep in touch with and equip regularly. In addition, I help teachers in their design of their "mentoring activities", aimed to connect and apply the subject to their day to day ministry. I am part of a wonderful team and keep busy with other projects that enhance our team and the overall work of the school. 

 In addition, I mentor several women in ministry. I recently published my first book “Forming to Transform. Proposal to Renew the Teaching Ministry of the Church”, in Spanish, based in part on my DMin dissertation. It is being translated into English and will be published by Regnum Books, in Oxford, hopefully in 2021. I am also engaged in other writing projects.



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