Black Liberation Theology

DMN 9986
Semester Credit Hours Faculty Modality Meeting Time Location
Summer 2021 4

M. McMickle

In-Person July 19-23, 2021 M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM CLE

This course will be an introduction to Black Theology and the work of James Cone and others where the focus will be on racism and on the ways in which scripture challenges the church to work against racial bias and racist policies even within the Christian church. It will progress to consider Latin American Liberation Theology where the focus will be on poverty, much of which has been caused by the racist views and practices of European conquerors and later by United States-based corporations. The course will return to the United States and the fusion of racism and poverty in urban America. The course will then shift to Feminist Theology and the issue of gender bias as it impacts the aspiration of women in ministry. After that, the course will look at Womanist Theology and the intersection of race, poverty (class) and gender. The course will then focus on what is called Queer Theology and the effects of homophobia upon the LGBTQ community in society and within the church. Finally, the course will consider Native American Sovereignty Theology where the issue is about indigenous forms of spirituality and about the intersection of Christianity and Native American communities and their cultures over the last 400-years.


No prerequisites required.