Lee Wetherbee, PhD, LP, LPCC-S

Lee Wetherbee, PhD, LP, LPCC-S

Professor of Counseling

The ongoing gift of mentoring and training Clinical Counseling students is something Dr. Wetherbee counts among his most fulfilling achievements in life.

Dr. Wetherbee and his wife, Faye, met as juniors in high school and have been married for 40 years — years which he describes as "glorious"! The Wetherbees have two grown children and are now enjoying three grandchildren.

One of Dr. Wetherbee's interests is coffee, in all its forms, as evidenced by ownership of three espresso machines. He will readily admit to being an unrepentant coffee snob. Dr. Wetherbee's other hobbies include cycling, exercise, and music, particularly jazz and blues. He is a member of multiple worship teams at his church and plays on occasion for chapel at ATS.

Contact lwetherb@ashland.edu 419-289-5995
Denomination United Methodist
Education PhD Counseling PsychologyUniversity of Akron MEd Community CounselingKent State University BA Psychology/SociologyMalone University
Current Classes CLC 5522 Lifestyle and Career Counseling CLC 7751 Special Issues in Abnormal-Personality Disorders (I)