Sarah Thomas, MLIS

Sarah Thomas, MLIS

Digital Services Librarian

Upon entering the library, students are often met with a warm smile from Sarah, the Ashland Theological Seminary digital librarian. Sarah’s responsibilities in the library are widespread. She does everything from assisting students with their research needs to managing the library’s ever-expanding collection. On a daily basis, students may see Sarah supervising the circulation desk, guiding student employees, and making sure the library continues to be a tremendous asset to the seminary.

Sarah embarked on a challenging adventure when she decided to pursue her Master’s in Library and Information Science. After being out of school for eight years, she returned for her graduate degree and spent the next few years successfully juggling her roles as mom, wife, student, and employee. Her persistance paid off, and she now has a hand in shaping the education and future of ATS students through the library and its services.

Sarah and her husband, Fred, met while both were students at Ohio Valley University. They have two children, Elizabeth and Freddy, and Sarah enjoys devoting her free time to her family.

Contact 419-289-5169
Denomination Church of Christ
Education MLISKent State University BAOhio Valley University