Wyndy Corbin Reuschling, PhD

Professor of Ethics and Theology

Dr. Corbin Reuschling fosters a true sense of collaborative learning in the classroom. She is dedicated to making sure that theology is not merely an academic exercise but takes into account the lives of real Christians, in real communities, struggling with real issues. Her high energy, love of students, and passion for God's kingdom combine to create a passionate professor who desires real world impact for followers of Jesus.

When questioned about the most profound impacts upon her spiritual life, Dr. Corbin Reuschling is quick to credit her grandmother Edna's influence. She also cites her year abroad in college as a spiritual rebirth. That year was spent at the University of Lancaster in England, where she was involved in a Christian organization on campus, as well as in a local church called St. Thomas. Finally, her time as a missionary in Japan, from 1984-1988, completely reoriented Dr. Corbin Reuschling's understanding of Christian community and God's work in the world.

Dr. Corbin Reuschling is actively involved at her home church, is an avid reader of historical novels, and enjoys forays to art museums and musical performances. She also loves any chance to gather with extended family for a visit. She is a beach aficionado and loves to travel and explore cities with her husband, Mike, who is also a professor at ATS.

Contact wcorbin@ashland.edu 419-289-5873
Denomination United Methodist
Education PhD Christian Social EthicsDrew University MPhilDrew University MA World ChristianityDenver Seminary BA English LiteratureUniversity of Colorado

Wyndy's Published Books

Becoming Whole and Holy: An Integrative Conversation about Christian Formation ISBN: 978-0801039256 View on Amazon View on iTunes
Celebrations & Convictions: Honoring the Life & Legacy of Dr. Luke L. Keefer, Jr. ISBN: n/a
Desire for God and the Things of God: The Relationships Between Christian Spirituality and Morality ISBN: 978-1608998654 View on Amazon
Reviving Evangelical Ethics: The Promises and Pitfalls of Classic Models of Morality ISBN: 978-1587431890 View on Amazon View on iTunes