Community of Scholars Series: Christian Theology and History

Ashland Theological Seminary invites you to a special evening entitled "Community of Scholars Series: Christian Theology and History."

The purpose of this FREE series is to connect current and prospective students with a larger community of scholars in their chosen area(s) of concentration, including alumni and other professionals. Light refreshments will be provided.

This will be a panel discussion featuring Dr. Allan Bevere, Dr. Ron Emptage, and Dr. Onalee Pierce, with Dr. Brenda Colijn as the moderator.  The panel members will provide brief introductory remarks, followed by the moderator asking for the responses of each panel member to three initial questions.  These questions include:

  1. What do you consider to be the similarities and differences between the early church and the church in contemporary American culture?
  2. What insight could you provide relative to the pressing theological issues facing the body of Christ today, including a culture of violence, freedom versus responsibility, and the conservative/liberal polarity in politics?
  3. What does faithfulness to the Gospel look like today in terms of spiritual disciplines you practice?

Following the responses of the panel members to each question, the moderator will provide some summary comments before moving on to the next question.  Once all three questions have been addressed and summarized, the moderator will open up the floor to take additional quesitons from among the paricipants.

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