City Gates Collective: The Ezra-Nehemiah Question with Bob Erdmann

Can today's church leaders and marketplace leaders honor one another's Kingdom calling? 

Our churches are full of highly respected and godly leaders from starkly different educations, experiences and authority structures. Our pastors, ministers and priests are trained to lead within the church organization, while many in their congregations are equipped and oriented for leadership beyond the church.

Just as Ezra and Nehemiah joined together to rebuild Jerusalem, there is great potential for powerful collaboration among our church and marketplace leaders. But far too often their stark differences in perspective and approach create a painful professional and personal gulf that greatly reduces their mutual appreciation and impact.

In our next City Gates Collective, business veteran and author, Bob Erdmann, will help marketplace leaders and church leaders enter into this tension through a healthy conversation in a safe environment. Together, we will unpack questions such as:  What is this gulf and how did it come to be? What is the common call we all have to answer? Is it valid to say we are co-creators with God? What is the scriptural imprimatur for churches to help those laboring in the secular realm? Is there a difference between Marketplace Ministry and the Call To Work? 

If you are a leader, or student leader-to-be, within church, business, education, science/healthcare, media, arts/entertainment, social services, government or family, you are invited to add your ear and voice to this collaborative, redemptive conversation.  

Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Bob Erdmann's book, The Call to Work, and continental breakfast.


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