ATS Summer Institute

In collaboration with Ashland Theological Seminary, the ATS Foundation is launching a new summer initiative called the Institute for the Integration of Faith, Ministry & Vocational Life.  The Institute will consist of a series of half-day, full-day and three-day workshops of choice from June 6-10, 2017.  It is designed for lay, bi-vocational, and professional practitioners in the church, parachurch, and/or workplace setting. This is a time to replenish, connect andto be spiritually formed. 

 The institute seeks to facilitate further integration of faith, ministry, and vocational work among ministry practitioners at the core of their Christian calling, self-understanding, and well-being for a lifetime of spiritual growth, fellowship, and service in Jesus Christ.

By attending our Summer Institute you will: 


  • Obtain competence in the integration of faith, ministry, and vocation 

  • Retreat and engage in lifelong learning with peers

  • Participate in diverse networks of ministry practitioners

  • Collaborate with accredited academic institutions on the topic of the integration of faith, ministry, and vocational life

  • Leverage ministry resources from around the world for greater church impact among a network of ministry practitioners

Who to Contact

Hayley Marth 419-289-5161