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September 2022

Ashland Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that our library was awarded a grant by the ATLA* Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives Committee. The purpose of the grant is to support the infrastructure required to create access to open educational resources for students in the course, Story of the Christian Faith. With increased access to open resources, students will be able to use a greater number of resources from a broader range of perspectives as they engage in their historical and theological studies. Access to these resources will also mean that students will have fewer textbooks to purchase, saving them money.

We appreciate the hard work of Karen Reaume, Grant Coordinator, Sarah Thomas, Theological Librarian, Daniel O’Brien, Circulation and Digital Services Librarian, Pidge Bannin, Senior Instructional Designer, and Dr. Jason Barnhart, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology, for their work on this project.
(*American Theological Library Association)