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Thriving in Church Ministry Cohort

In-Person or Online

Fall 2024

The Thriving Church Ministries Cohort is designed exclusively for pastors and ministry leaders looking
to thrive in their personal and professional lives. We focus on personal and spiritual development in
the context of authentic community and mentorship.

When you start this program, you join a
community of peers and experienced mentors. Together you will explore tools and discover practices
that will allow you to move beyond survival mode into holistic thriving in life and ministry.

This ten-month program combines the best of in-person
gatherings and virtual sessions to enhance accessibility
and ensure affordability.

Our programs include:
• Hybrid Cohorts: Meet in person for kick off and
closing retreats and virtually the rest of the year
• Spanish-speaking Cohorts: Based in Cleveland with
virtual cohort meetings, these cohorts serve
Hispanic/Latinx pastors and ministry leaders
• Certificate in Transitional Leadership: Two-year virtual cohorts designed to equip
you to lead your thriving in ministry cohorts for your church or community
• Thriving in Seminary Cohorts: for ATS students (*free for qualifying students)

We are currently offering registration for three separate cohorts (see links below). If you have questions about the cohorts, please email Karen Reaume at

Brethren Leadership Cohort Link –
Ecumenical Hybrid Cohort Link –
Certificate in Transitional Leadership –