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William Payne

Dr. William P. Payne, PHD

The Harlan and Wilma Hollewell Professor of Evangelism and World Missions; Director of Chaplaincy Studies

Dr. Bill Payne is a natural evangelist, a seasoned pastor, and a gifted professor. Since he believes that teaching is a spiritual gift, he invites the Holy Spirit to come into his classes at Ashland Theological Seminary. During many class sessions, he has clearly sensed the Lord’s substantial presence. At times, a class devotion has turned into a spontaneous outpouring of the Spirit, shaking things up in ways that only God can.

Dr. Payne is not only a professor; his 29.5 years of service with the Navy and Marine Corps have provided him with ministry opportunities in 27 countries. Before retiring, he served as Deputy Force Chaplain in Iraq and the Military Sealift Command Chaplain in San Diego. Additionally, he pastored a Cuban refugee camp in Panama, served as the community manager for all Reserve Force chaplains, worked as a hospital chaplain, commanded a unit of 17 chaplains and enlisted specialists, and deployed from Okinawa during Desert Storm. He has a military subspecialty code in religion and culture and is a Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer (FMFQO).

Dr. Payne graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary (Ph.D. Intercultural Studies), Emory University (MDiv), and Florida Southern College (BA Religion). He is ordained in the Global Methodist Church and is a full member of the Florida Conference. He has served the local church as a student pastor, associate pastor, pastor, senior pastor, and interim pastor. During his last pastorate, he planted a large Hispanic ministry that included satellite outposts throughout Tampa Bay.

In addition to expertise in evangelism, world missions, and chaplaincy, Dr. Payne has published widely on early American Methodism, Latin American Pentecostalism, folk religion, and spiritual warfare. He especially enjoys preaching, consulting with churches, and doing inner healing. He developed and directs the chaplaincy study degrees at ATS.


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