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Loving the Lord with Your Mind

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Michael Hodinger

As I think back to my time at Ashland, what stands out to me most prominently—besides receiving a quality education that has prepared me well for both practical ministry and post-graduate studies—is the diversity of faith I was able to be a part of. It was wonderful learning and growing with people of various denominations and traditions who were yet unified under Christ and the Scriptures. For someone who has grown up or serves in a particular denomination, Ashland’s diversity will enhance your familiarity with the many beautiful nuances of the Kingdom of God through His Church in today’s world!

Beth Hoffman

Earning my Master of Arts, Biblical Studies, Old Testament degree from Ashland Theological Seminary has helped me not only understand how to dig deeper into God’s Word academically—including through original language and archaeology studies—but also to take what I’ve learned and use it to help others to see God in a new light. Just as important has been the community of like-minded individuals I interacted with on campus—fellow students, staff and professors, all in this journey together, to develop fully and bring God glory and to further His Kingdom.

Julie Murdock

The faculty and staff at ATS are the epitome of quality. Of course, one comes to expect academic excellence when considering institutions of this level, and Ashland professors are outstanding in their particular fields of expertise on an international level. But what sets them apart from others is the level of interest they take in their students, the quality of the time they invest in the students and the depth of the relationships they build with the students. In this, Ashland is unparalleled.

Ashley Hadinger

I highly recommend the Biblical Studies program. Ashland Theological Seminary provided everything I wanted in this degree and more! My classes were diverse, provided space for wrestling for issues of faith and asking hard questions, and were taught by the most excellent and caring faculty. I am confident that my time at ATS prepared me for a life of preaching and ministry in a diverse and complex culture.

Brett Scott

My experience at Ashland Theological Seminary was indeed life changing! My education there has allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of God’s Word, affording me a great benefit in my various teaching responsibilities. Without this education, I would not have the fuller, deeper appreciation of in-depth study of the Bible as a Spiritual exercise.

JoAnn Gladd

I’m very grateful to God for making it possible for me to complete the MABS program at Ashland Theological Seminary. The experience gave ample scope for growth in faith and maturity in my personal relationship with the Lord who, as always, proved to be entirely faithful and loving. After graduation, the knowledge and relationships I gained at ATS enriched my cross cultural missionary ministry as I returned once again to take up teaching and mentoring responsibilities in a seminary in Brazil. Now, back in the States again, I know that my Ashland experience will continue to serve me well as I take the next step of my sojourn—the completion of a PhD in Biblical Studies with a focus on the New Testament.

Angie Roehrenbeck

Ashland Theological Seminary was an answer to prayer in fulfilling the call God has placed on my life to teach others about His Word. The faculty and staff were a tremendous blessing and my life was not only enriched on an academic level but also on a personal level as each one took the time to connect with me and help me grow. Each class opened my eyes to the immense depth of Scripture and helped me gain confidence in my understanding of the Bible. What sets Ashland apart are the professors and I am forever grateful for the time I spent learning under these exceptional men and women of God.