Pastors of Excellence

Pastors of Excellence (PoE) is a 13-month transformational program specifically designed for pastors. For over a decade, PoE has positioned hundreds of pastors for authenticity in Christ and effectiveness in ministry. We believe healthy pastors produce healthy ministries. We do not know of any other program that has been more effective in revitalizing pastors.

Approximately 80 pastors attend 2-1/2 day retreats (4 times over 13 months). Each pastor is placed in a small group with five other pastors and a trained pastor/mentor. These small groups of peers develop powerful bonds of love over this spiritually enriching journey. Many small groups of pastors choose to stay connected long after their PoE program has ended.

The Pastors of Excellence program at Ashland Theological Seminary began in 2003. This program, which was initially funded by a $1,000,000 grant from the Lilly Foundation, is designed to equip pastors to grow and sustain authenticity in Christ and excellence in ministry. Our vision is to transform the church by transforming the pastor from the inside out.