God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You By Jody Thomae ATS graduate Jody Thomae gives insight into the journey that led to her new book on worship.
The Bookshelf: The Power of Story By Dawn Dever Take advantage of this reading list containing submissions from faculty, staff, and friends of Ashland Theological Seminary. Each submission centers on this issue's theme: The Power of Story.
The Power of Story: As Told by Andrew, the Disciple of Jesus By Wm Paul Young It has been a long day; a lot of walking and talking. Not enough eating if you ask me. These crowds seem to be getting bigger every day especially as the rumors about Jesus have stirred up things. He pays no mind, as if a reputation is nothing of any real value; nothing that required any attention to maintain. So as near I can tell, he has none, but still everyone shows up; as many people as motives.
Letter From the President By Jeanie and I went to see the movie Secretariat shortly after it was released in 2010. I like horses, but I don’t have a deep interest in them. I’m even less interested in thoroughbred racing and the culture that surrounds it. I don’t know the first thing about going to the track and placing a bet.
What We Do Matters Because What They Do Matters: Diana DeWitt By Author and educator Dr. Reggie McNeal wrote the simple but penetrating statement, “When a leader loses heart a leader loses.” This loss multiplies when the leader’s sphere of influence is Kingdom-centric. When a Kingdom leader loses heart not only does he or she lose but the ministry they lead loses; there are too many stories of ministries suffering because their pastor or leader has quit and left , or worse, quit and stayed. Fortunately, God is raising up servant-leaders who champion this battle for the hearts of leaders.
This is My Story and I'm Sticking to It Grandfather Snyder died in 1924, twenty years before my birth. It was a long and painful process, dying of cancer, when no one was allowed to say the word. I know him only through my father’s stories and a single picture of him which survives.
Storytelling: My Primary Task as a Preacher By Carol Rettew I know what you are thinking. “Storytelling? That’s not the primary task of the preacher. And isn’t it just like so many preachers today to substitute faithful proclamation of the Word with a bunch of stories!” Ok—yeah, I get that. I agree that “storytelling” in itself is not the primary task of the preacher.
Living God's Story By Dawn Dever In September, 2013, at The Cove (Billie Graham's Training Center) in Asheville, NC, Ashland Theological Seminary invited a group of friends and partners to hear the ATS story and, at the same time, to consider their own places in God's story.
The Healing Power of Story By David P. Mann, PhD, LPCC-S We live our lives by the stories we both tell and hear. Most of the stories that guide us are the ones we tell to ourselves. These stories contain so much more than information, they also include how we have experienced life events and what we tell ourselves about them. They include our feelings about what happened and often leave us with an emotional response to both the telling and hearing of the story.
Our Neverending Story By Jerry Flora, Ph.D. My grandfather, whose name I bear, was a storyteller. He and Grandmother lived in a small brown house in a tiny village in rural Indiana. When I was a boy, their house was our destination every Thanksgiving for what amounted to a family reunion.
Good Work By The words shot out of my mouth and slapped my dad in the face. “I will NEVER be a businessman like you are!” SLAP! “Business people focus on money and profit and things that make Christians take their eye off the ball!“ SLAP! “I have decided to be a pastor so I can concentrate on the stuff that really matters.” SLAP!
Leadership Coaching: Dedicated to Building Leadership Capacity By Recently I heard eleven of the most affirming words a professor can hear from a student, “I wish I had learned this when I began my ministry.”
What We Do Matters Because What They Do Matters: Josh Sumpter By Approaching his fourth year in full-time youth ministry, Josh loves the work of living alongside the kids in his community. Whether coaching a middle school basketball game, leading a retreat, or attending a student’s recital, he demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the students he is called to serve.
Crafting an Interior Ethic of Inclusion: Lessons From the Nativity By Dave Boling This Jesus-centered ethic of inclusion is wider than anything I can create in an ethical workplace. It is wider than what we hear from the world. While it strives to meet some of the same objectives as workplace ethics, it goes deeper and is more personal.
A Theology of Work By John Byron, PhD Most people will, at one time or another, complain about their job. I know I do. It’s easy to see what is wrong with everything and everyone around you and wish you could work someplace else. As the old saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”
Bivocational Benefits By Jeff Slater When we think of bivocational pastors, we usually think of missionaries, small town pastors or church planters. But we should broaden our view. I’ve learned to see bivocational ministry in a new light.
Gordon: A Lasting Impact By Jerry Flora, Ph.D. On the first day of spring this year an old man died in Washington, D.C. Old men die in the city every day, but this one died in a hospice for the homeless. Ninety-five years of age, he actually was known and respected in many places. But there were no reporters or cameras present at his passing. He slept away quietly with Mary, his wife of seventy years, at his bedside, at home among the formerly homeless.
Letter From the President By During his teen years, my son struggled with how to answer people who were fairly certain that he was called to ministry. By “called to ministry” they meant a trajectory that included a ministry degree followed by a lifetime of work in a pastoral or para-church setting. While open to that call, he ultimately felt God leading him to become an insurance agent. Does this mean that as an insurance agent he is not “called to ministry?”
Spiritual Formation: A Journey Towards Christlike Transformation By Rev. Dr. Deborah Dennis We are commanded to love and serve as Jesus did. Whether it is called “discipleship” or “spiritual formation”, we are on a journey to be transformed into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.
A Reason to Run: In Pursuit of Academic Excellence By Pursuing academic excellence in seminary means willingness to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices in life in order carry out the call of God in our lives. One thing is certain when entering ministry and attending seminary: life does not stop because we are obedient to the call!
Faculty Focus: Dr. Mike Thompson By Amid the busyness of the Christmas season, Miles Larson was able to sit with Dr. Mike Thompson, Professor of Practical Theology, and discuss some of the current themes in American Christianity.
The Meaning of Community By Africans have a much better perspective on community than many in the West – a conception of community much like the biblical vision. Those of us in the West have much to learn from our African brothers and sisters in this regard.
Beyond the Nursery By Jerry Flora, Ph.D. Bill, Spencer, Glenn, Phil and I were all in the Ashland Seminary graduating class of 1958. No, let me rephrase that. We were the class of ‘58 – all five of us.
The Light Unto My Path By Jacqueline Nelson, DMin To encounter God through the Word of God is both powerful and transforming. This is what I experienced as both student and Adjunct Instructor at Ashland Theological Seminary-Detroit.
What We Do Matters Because What They Do Matters: Edwin Harlin By When a person hears that a friend or loved one is beginning a degree program at Ashland Theological Seminary, they assume that a career in pastoral ministry is the next step. Though many of our graduates go on to lead churches around the world, not all follow that path. Rev. Edwin Harlin is just such a graduate.
Letter From the President By The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Perhaps even more impressive than its 2,717 foot height (twice that of the Empire State Building) is its foundation.
New Scholarships at Ashland Theological Seminary In our quest to make theological education more affordable, Ashland Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the creation of five new scholarships. Established to honor the extensive service of five exceptional pastors, each of these scholarships will provide financial support to men and women pursuing their calls to ministry.
The Impact of Mentoring: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind? By Dawn Morton, Ed.D. We want to leave a legacy that builds upon what Christ is already doing within others. Through teaching and nurturing others, we share our Devotion to Christ; we share our Doctrine and theology; and we have Diligence for the task and the race ahead.
Ripple Effect: Smetzer Counseling Center (Part 1) By Dawn Dever One of my favorite aspects of God is the way he redeems the painful events of our lives when we surrender them to him. God provided a similar generous exchange for Frances, a woman who suffered great personal wounds early in life. Many years later, nearer to the end of her days than the beginning, Frances used the wealth with which she’d been blessed to endow a counseling center on the Ashland campus of Ashland Theological Seminary.
Ripple Effect: Smetzer Counseling Center (Part 2) By Kendra Bermosk There are experiences that change us, that make us different and make us better. From the first moment I walked into Smetzer Counseling Center, I knew that it was the place I wanted to do my practicum and internship experience. Little did I know just how much the experience would wind up shaping who I am and who I am becoming.
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