Ripple Effect: Smetzer Counseling Center (Part 2)

There are experiences that change us, that make us different and make us better. From the first moment I walked into Smetzer Counseling Center, I knew that it was the place I wanted to do my practicum and internship experience. Little did I know just how much the experience would wind up shaping who I am and who I am becoming.

I have always believed that God is able to change people; to be hope for those who feel hopeless. That is what led me here, my strong belief that God is able to redeem any situation and bring something good from pain. God has placed within me a longing to help those who have been broken find healing and wholeness. This is not just a call but a ministry opportunity. I have never been more aware of my need to rely on God than in the moments before I walk into a counseling session. This desperate realization has challenged me to grow in my own relationship with God and I am grateful for the opportunity to do that.

I believe that Smetzer is a place where people find hope. Hope that life will be different. Hope that things will change. Hope that God hasn’t forgotten them. Hope that the pain they are feeling will go away. Hope that they will be able to live life unafraid. Hope that their marriage will be repaired. Hope that the very thing they have struggled with for so long can be different. Hope that someone will understand them enough to be able to help them move past the place that they are currently in. Hope that someone will listen to them and believe in them when no one else in their life does. As one of the Counselor Trainees at Smetzer, I get the great privilege to hope for people for a little while when they can’t find the strength to hope for themselves. When I think about what hope looks like, I realize that I can see it in the light in someone’s eyes when they get it, when they finally grasp something that has been evading them for so long. Hope looks like the smile on someone’s face who hasn’t smiled in a long time. Hope looks like people showing up when they don’t have the energy to do anything else. Every week we get a chance to see hope lived out. It’s a great privilege and a huge responsibility. It doesn’t happen without a lot of prayer, wonderful professors, and God’s amazing love and grace. I truly am blessed and grateful for the chance to take this journey with some amazing people and a God big enough to do more than we can ever ask for or imagine.

About the Author
  Kendra Bermosk

Kendra Bermosk is a current MA Clinical Counseling student. She has worked as a Counselor Trainee at the Smetzer Counseling Center, served as a Graduate Assistant for the Midwest Counseling Program, and is currently serving as a Journey Group intern for Student Life. She is on track to graduate in December 2012.