Spiritual Formation: A Journey Towards Christlike Transformation By Rev. Dr. Deborah Dennis We are commanded to love and serve as Jesus did. Whether it is called “discipleship” or “spiritual formation”, we are on a journey to be transformed into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.
A Reason to Run: In Pursuit of Academic Excellence By Pursuing academic excellence in seminary means willingness to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices in life in order carry out the call of God in our lives. One thing is certain when entering ministry and attending seminary: life does not stop because we are obedient to the call!
Faculty Focus: Dr. Mike Thompson By Amid the busyness of the Christmas season, Miles Larson was able to sit with Dr. Mike Thompson, Professor of Practical Theology, and discuss some of the current themes in American Christianity.
The Meaning of Community By Africans have a much better perspective on community than many in the West – a conception of community much like the biblical vision. Those of us in the West have much to learn from our African brothers and sisters in this regard.
Beyond the Nursery By Jerry Flora, Ph.D. Bill, Spencer, Glenn, Phil and I were all in the Ashland Seminary graduating class of 1958. No, let me rephrase that. We were the class of ‘58 – all five of us.
The Light Unto My Path By Jacqueline Nelson, DMin To encounter God through the Word of God is both powerful and transforming. This is what I experienced as both student and Adjunct Instructor at Ashland Theological Seminary-Detroit.
What We Do Matters Because What They Do Matters: Edwin Harlin By When a person hears that a friend or loved one is beginning a degree program at Ashland Theological Seminary, they assume that a career in pastoral ministry is the next step. Though many of our graduates go on to lead churches around the world, not all follow that path. Rev. Edwin Harlin is just such a graduate.
Letter From the President By The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Perhaps even more impressive than its 2,717 foot height (twice that of the Empire State Building) is its foundation.
New Scholarships at Ashland Theological Seminary In our quest to make theological education more affordable, Ashland Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the creation of five new scholarships. Established to honor the extensive service of five exceptional pastors, each of these scholarships will provide financial support to men and women pursuing their calls to ministry.