Letter From the President

The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Perhaps even more impressive than its 2,717 foot height (twice that of the Empire State Building) is its foundation.

Extending 164 feet deep under the Burj Khalifa lies 58,900 cubic yards of concrete weighing over 120,000 tons. It took a year just to build the foundation. Foundations matter—it is impossible to start wrong and finish right. This issue of the table reviews the foundations of Ashland Theological Seminary. Each article describes one of the building blocks undergirding ATS. Rather than concrete, we have built our institution on Spiritual Formation, Academic Excellence, Scripture and Community. And yet, as important as these basic elements are, a foundation is of no value unless there is a beautiful building rising up from it. Our core values are the basis of the transformation that we pray will happen in the lives of all our students. Perhaps this is summed up best in the words of Dr. Jackie Nelson, “I entered (seminary) seeking to become a better Christian Educator, but I left a better woman of and for God.” As you read, I pray that you will be inspired to strengthen the foundations of your own life.

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