Ashland Theological Seminary’s Foundation announces the 2017 ATS Summer Institute

ASHLAND, Ohio— Ashland Theological Seminary’s Foundation in collaboration with Ashland Theological Seminary and Ashland University has planned a new summer institute initiative for the next three years called the Summer Institute for the Integration of Faith, Ministry, and Vocational Life.

The Summer Institute will consists of a series of half day, one-day and three-day workshops delivered  from June 6-10, 2017. The summer institute is designed for lay and professional practitioners in the church, parachurch, and or workplace setting. Presenters will come from a variety of fields in specialized and practical ministry to facilitate competence for the integration of faith, ministry, and vocational life.  

“Self-understanding and well-being for a lifetime of spiritual growth, fellowship and service in Jesus Christ ,among ministry practitioners,  requires a lifelong commitment for training and education for kingdom impact,” said Dr. Mark Harden, President of Ashland Theological Seminary.

The Summer Institute will take place at the campuses of Ashland Theological Seminary and Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, centrally located between Cleveland and Columbus off the interstate 71.  The event will offer options for lodging, meals, and materials for a retreat and intensive learning experience with a community of peers and colleagues. The institute is ideal for pastors and nonprofit leaders to retreat and see it as an opportunity for professional development. 

Ashland Theological Seminary is a graduate division of Ashland University. Its current physical presence comprises Ashland, Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit. The Seminary integrates theological education with Christ Centered transformation as it equips men and women for ministry and the world.

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