Prayers for those directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey

A message from ATS President, Dr. Mark Harden:

Please join me in prayer for those directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey and flooding during the remaining moments of crisis.

The nation has witnessed one of the worst disasters in its history unfold in Texas. The storm has devastated many communities and families and has impacted some of us through family and friendship connections. Neighboring states are also experiencing the crisis.

Disasters of this magnitude inflict deep and lasting damage in the lives of people for many years. The instability and emotional toll it has is immeasurable. I am asking that you join me in daily intercessory prayer during the crisis on behalf of the victims of the disaster.

Lord. We offer our sincere prayers for those whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane disaster. Only you know their individual situations. Only you can provide healing and security that governmental and volunteer help are unable to provide. We depend and trust in your power to bring grace to the situation. Strengthen the many families and individuals who are suffering and grieving. Give them peace as efforts are made to ensure their safety and well-being.