Academic Programs

Degree Programs

Master of Arts (Biblical Studies)

Prepare for further graduate studies in Old or New Testament studies, teach foundational courses in Bible colleges or other denominational teaching positions, and engage meaningfully in biblical research and writing.

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Master of Arts (Historical & Theological Studies)

Prepare for further graduate study in history, theology, or ethics; teach in denominational or local church contexts; or develop a deeper understanding of your faith tradition.

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

Become equipped for effective ministry and competent leadership primarily in congregational settings.

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Master of Divinity

Prepare for ordained ministry and for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings.

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Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy

Develop specialized skills to perform the pastoral, caregiver, and spiritual support roles of a chaplain in a military, institutional, or organizational setting and whose religious affiliation or employing institution require the M.Div degree.

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Doctor of Ministry

Earn a terminal degree in vocational ministry that will improve your practical expertise, help you explore the concerns of your own ministry setting, and challenge both your heart and mind.

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Advanced Pre-Doctoral Studies

The Advanced for Pre-Doctoral Studies is a new program designed for busy pastors and ministry leaders. It is aimed at providing persons who are seeking an opportunity for advanced ministerial studies to complete the necessary equivalency requirements for full admissions into the Doctor of Ministry degree program.

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Certificate Programs

Thriving Church Ministries Certificate

Strengthen your role in pastoral leadership by integrating personal and spiritual development with your practice of ministry.

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Certificate in Christian Ministries

Receive a basic, well-rounded theological education in the classical disciplines of biblical, historical, and theological studies, as well as in practical ministry.

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