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Master of Arts (Historical & Theological Studies)


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You’re ready for what Paul calls the “solid food” of faith. You want to grow in your understanding of Christianity, whether as a step toward preparing for further graduate study, empowering your teaching, or deepening your personal faith. The Master of Arts (Historical and Theological Studies) is a flexible degree designed to serve these different purposes.

Is the Master of Arts (Historical and Theological Studies) program right for you? If you want to…

  • Prepare for further graduate study in history, theology, or ethics
  • Teach in denominational or local church contexts
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your faith

... then the Master of Arts (Historical and Theological Studies) program is right for you.

What to expect in the Master of Arts (Historical and Theological) Studies program:

  • Learn how to interpret and apply Scripture responsibly in appropriate ministry and professional settings
  • Establish communal and personal disciplines that nourish Christian spiritual and moral formation
  • Form a missional vision of kingdom ministry within multi-cultural and multi-faith contexts
  • Demonstrate critical theological reflection that is biblically faithful, historically grounded, contextually relevant, and integrated with life and ministry
  • Develop ongoing practices of justice that bear witness to the full scope of the kingdom of God
  • Demonstrate skill in historical and/or theological research
  • Choose among online courses, face-to-face courses, or a combination of both
  • Have the opportunity to write an optional master’s thesis
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Location(s) Offered:

Ashland Campus
910 Center Street
Ashland, OH 44805

Degree Design - 55 hours



Preliminary and Summative Coursework

CHS/CTH 7798 Senior Seminar or CHS/CTH 7799 Thesis3 hours

Spiritual Formation Courses

SPF 5540 Spiritual Formation4 hours

Core Courses

BSG 5501 Engaging Texts and Contexts3 hours
CHS 5500 Story of the Christian Faith3 hours
CTH 5520 Christian Theology for the Kingdom of God3 hours
ETH 5530 Christian Ethics3 hours
MSS 5501 Kingdom Mission in a Global Community3 hours
NTS 5511 Introduction to the New Testament3 hours
OTS 5511 Introduction to the Old Testament (Part 1)3 hours
OTS 5512 Introduction to the Old Testament (Part 2)3 hours

Historical and Theological Studies Courses

Choose 1 of the following:
CHS 6620 Varieties of Early Christian Thought3 hours
NTS 6652 New Testament Theology3 hours
CHS 6630 History and Thought of the Reformation3 hours
CHS 6640 Contemporary Theological Perspectives3 hours
CHS/CTH Electives6 hours
ETH Elective3 hours

Elective Courses

Open Electives6 hours

Total Hours

55 hours

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