Certificate in Christian Ministries

Receive a well-rounded theological education in the classical disciplines of biblical, historical, and theological studies, as well as in practical ministry.

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When you’re in positions of Christian leadership, people look to you as some kind of spiritual expert… even if you don’t feel equipped to answer their deep spiritual needs. With a stronger foundation of knowledge, you can serve within your role with confidence, whether you are a lay leader, pastor, or volunteer.

Deepen the Well, Quench Your Spiritual Thirst

The Certificate of Christian Ministry program is designed to equip pastors and other church leaders with a basic, well-rounded theological education in the classical disciplines of biblical, historical, and theological studies, as well as in practical ministry.

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Location(s) Offered:

Detroit, Michigan 

Program Content


    This course introduces students to a three-fold framework for biblical interpretation involving the investigation of the "world in front of the text" (between the text's composition and us as readers), the "world within the text" (the close reading of the text itself), and the "world behind the text" (the environment and situation that contributes to the occasion and shaping of the text, and therefore its contextual interpretation).The applicability of this model to the literature and contexts of other curricular areas will also be demonstrated. This course serves as a prerequisite for all NTS and OTS courses with the exception of language courses, such as Hebrew and Greek. It is highly recommended that students take this course prior to other all courses in Biblical Studies, New Testament or Old Testament, including languages.


    This course addresses the traditional topics of systematic theology as a narrative of salvation history. It is designed to equip students with a comprehensive and coherent theological framework for engaging in life and ministry in light of the present and future reign of God.


    This course equips students to experience ongoing personal development and growth necessary for wellbeing in ministry. Attention will be given to core identity, character, calling, and competency, identified within the course as the upward, inward, outward, and forward journeys. The course will detail the challenges of Christian ministry and their impact on personal and professional wellbeing, highlighting essential commitments clergy must make in prayer, spiritual formation, inner transformation, and supportive community within the context of ministry.


    This course equips students to develop a philosophy of leadership, based upon a biblical, theological and Christian tradition. This will include both character and competency issues that leaders must know, develop and apply within their context of ministry. It will also orient students to healthy congregational structures, administration, and stewardship with a particular emphasis on essential financial processes.


    This course is designed to introduce students to the historic practices of pastoral care and counseling as set forth both in scripture and in church history. Pastoral care will be viewed as involving interactions with individuals and groups of people needing pastoral care; equipping the people of Christ to care for one another; and helping the local church embrace its responsibility to the surrounding community and the wider world. This course will also explore preliminary intervention in pastoral counseling, helping students to practice basic counseling skills and mobilize lay people in the local church to engage in a broad range of care giving ministries.


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