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Graduation and Commencement

As previously announced, the face-to-face commencement events originally scheduled for May 16, have been postponed. At this point, those events have not been rescheduled. The Seminary is exploring ways to honor our students’ successful accomplishment and will send out more information as it is available. We recognize that you will have questions about graduation/commencement, so we have provided some answers below:

  • Will there be a commencement ceremony in May?
    At this time, the commencement ceremony has been postponed. We will continue to update you with any changes.

  • Will there still be baccalaureate services?
    No, all public “meetings” are canceled at this time.

  • Will there be a ceremony or event scheduled in the future to replace these?
    At this time there is no plan to reschedule, but we will continue to update you.

  • Will I still graduate with the same “date”?
    Yes, provided you have met all graduation requirements (hours, courses for program, GPA, account is paid, library items returned), the “graduation” dates will remain the same. (Spring = May 16; Summer = August 19)

  • If I want to walk, will I still have the opportunity at some point?
    You will be welcome to march in the 2021 commencement ceremony. If there would be another option prior to that, we will communicate that to you.

  • Will I get my money back for the graduation application fee?
    Graduation application fees will not be refunded at this time.

  • Will I still get my diploma?
    Yes, all diplomas and covers will be mailed directly to your home. If you have recently moved, please be sure that you submit your current address to

  • Once I have graduated (my degree has been conferred), my email account will eventually expire. How can I be assured I receive information if a commencement ceremony is planned?
    If you provided an alternate email address on your graduation application, that is the email address that we will use for you after you have graduated. If you have not provided an alternate email address, or if your address has changed again, please submit your updated email information to Laura at

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