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We hope to make the online registration process as simple and efficient for you as possible so that you can have a smooth transition into your new classes! Browse through the information on this page and feel free to contact us with any unanswered questions.

It is important to note that students are not eligible for online registration if a balance due is showing on their student account. Please check your account balance in WebAdvisor prior to registration.

Plan a tentative schedule with alternate courses prior to meeting with your advisor.

International students on F-1 visa status must register for at least 9 semester hours during each regular semester (Fall & Spring). For any exceptions, please consult the ATS registrar.

Prospective Graduates must apply for graduation by the due date listed.

  • Completion at the end of the Fall Semester - August 1
  • Completion at the end of the Spring Semester - December 1
  • Completion at the end of Summer term - March 1

New students will register either at Orientation or be directed to complete a paper registration with their assigned adviser.

Online Registration Resources

Web Advisor Graduation Application




65+ Seminary hours completed

11/1 starting at 5:00pm

32-64 Seminary hours completed

11/8 starting at 5:00pm

0-31 Seminary hours completed

11/15 starting at 5:00pm


41+ Seminary hours completed

11/1 starting at 5:00pm

22-40 Seminary hours completed

11/8 starting at 5:00pm

0-21 Seminary hours completed

11/15 starting at 5:00pm


All Pre-D.Min. Students

11/1 starting at 5:00pm

Online registration closes at midnight on January 6, 2019.

Spring Online Registration

NOV 1, 2018 - JAN 6, 2019

Spring Paper Registration

NOV 1, 2018
Online Registration Instructions (WebAdvisor)

Please meet with your academic advisor (or extension site director) to discuss your course selections and note the following:

  • You will only be able to register during the times listed above, according to your degree program and number of hours completed at Ashland Seminary. The system will block your registration attempt until your predetermined time.
  • Make sure that you choose the correct term when searching for classes in WebAdvisor.
  • You will need to know the subject code (such as OTS, NTS, CTH), the course number (5511, 6601, etc.). It is helpful to have the section letters and the campus location (Ashland, Cleveland, etc), but they are not required.
  • Be sure to cross-reference the academic schedule listed on the ATS website for exact dates/times of the classes, particularly for those meeting in the summer.
  • WebAdvisor blocks registration for courses if the prerequisites are not met.You will have to register for that course by submitting a paper registration form to the Registrar’s office.
  • Please refer to the appropriate catalog for institutional requirements for all degree programs. You should make sure to register for classes that satisfy your degree program requirements.
  • You will still have to submit the paperwork for Directed/Independent Studies and Theses before these courses may be added to your schedule.
  • WebAdvisor will not let you register for undergraduate-level courses if you are in a graduate program and vice versa.
  • Please be sure that you do not accidentally register for a course that meets in another location. Since we share the online registration with AU, you need to make sure you select the correct location code when necessary. These include: Ashland SEMINARY, Cleveland SEMINARY, Detroit Seminary, Detroit-Counseling Seminary, ASH Ctr - MCMHC SEMINARY, COLS Ctr MACMHC - SEMINARY.
  • An email confirmation of your registration will be sent to your Ashland email address.

The WebAdvisor site may also be used to see up-to-date information about your current schedule, transcript record, program evaluation (although some programs may not be entered), and account balance. That service is not connected to the registration option, so it is available to you any time of day throughout the year and does not require special permission.



After making a selection on a screen, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Submit” button.


Do not use the “Back” browser button. Instead, click “Menu” at the top.


When searching with this function, the only required field is “Term” however it will be faster if you narrow your search by specific areas. You can fill in any number of fields and only the classes that meet ALL criteria will appear.


Check out the “FAQ” link (Frequently Asked Questions) if you run into trouble.


When finished, click on “My Schedule” to view your final course selection. There, you can print a copy of your schedule.


Make sure to “Log Out” when you are finished.


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