Safety Services

In all situations involving an advisory or alert (timely warning), the AU Safety Services department is considered the primary responder. Reports made for the purpose of issuing an “Advisory”, or “Alert” (or Timely Warning), should be made with the AU Safety Services department.

See below for your options for notification. We encourage all students to register for the emergency text notificaton system.

Available Services

Text Messaging

The AU Safety Services department can issue text messages to members of the campus community in the event a timely warning, or “Alert” is warranted. Text messaging is not used for event announcements and other marketing information. Text messaging requires registering your cell phone number with the Ashland University’s notification system.

Register for Text Messaging

Public Broadcast & Internal Intercoms

Two public address speakers (horns) are located on the main campus. These horns allow broadcasted weather sirens as well as voice and customized messages. The AU Safety Services have access to use this system in the event a security/safety alert is warranted.

Radio & TV Messages

Ashland University may also use local and/or regional media outlets to broadcast emergency information. This resource would be initiated through the AU Public Relations office.

Electronic Message Boards & Website

Alerts may be posted to the AU website at The web alerts can be posted by the AU Safety Services, Public Relations or the Information Technology office.

Depending on the circumstances, AU Safety Services and Public Relations may use any one (or all) available resources to issue alerts. Members of the campus community are encouraged to monitor the above resources for instructions regarding their response. All incidents must be reported to Student Affairs at 419.289.5695 and Safety Services.