Position Location Date Posted
Assistant Minister (part-time or Intern)
First Covenant Church, Willoughby Hills, OH
April 11, 2018
Assistant Minister (part-time or Intern)
First Covenant Church, Willoughby Hills, OH

First is an Evangelical Covenant Church (www.covchurch.org) located in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, 1 mile west of the intersections of Rt. 6 and 91, near the Interstate 271/90 junction.

(Willoughby Hills or Bishop Road Exits) 

Summary:  The Church views itself at a turning point of opportunity in both motivation and resources to expand its ministry effectiveness, as imaginative outreach and internal programming are further developed.  It is viewed that a key aspect of this additional effort will be a person in ministerial training to assist Pastor, Church staff and volunteers in developing effective growth strategems and actions: Responsibility emphases to be on youth program development, Children’s Education, assisting with Sunday worship or education programs, and other duties as needed.  The intern works directly under Pastoral supervision and guidance, maintaining a schedule of involvement appropriate to current academic program and availability.  Salary needs negotiated according to those same factors, generally expected to be in the $500-$900/month range.  Intern period 3-6 months. 

The Church is small, mostly an older congregation, with a few younger families and youth.  It is very much in touch with the local civic community, and maintains a strong music ministry (drawn from the Cleveland Institute of Music) in the form of weekly worship support, and annually 2-3 concerts for the local community.  Worship style is primarily traditional.


To Apply:  Coordinate as necessary with Academic Advisors and contact the Pastor, Rev. Bill Nyerges, for initial interview and sharing of resume.  Candidates at Freshman/Sophomore level encouraged but all levels may apply.  

Pastor:  Rev. William E. Nyerges, M.Div., M.Ed.; Email:  whcovenant@att.net  Pastor’s Cell Phone:  440-567-2354

Intensive In-Home Counselor (Full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Mansfield, OH
April 5, 2018
Intensive In-Home Counselor (Full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Mansfield, OH


Provides intensive home-based services in Richland County; training provided  


Forward resumes to Cheryl Purviance via email cpurviance@flcps.com --or-mail/drop off at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44903




at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield,OH       for ALL POSITIONS

                                                                                                                            11:00-12:30 on 4/9/18              9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. on 4/11/18


In-Home Counselors (Full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Galion & Mansfield, OH
April 5, 2018
In-Home Counselors (Full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Galion & Mansfield, OH

IN-HOME Counselors (Full time): Provide general mental health counseling in client's homes in Crawford or Richland County


Forward resumes to Cheryl Purviance via email cpurviance@flcps.com --or-mail/drop off at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44903



at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield,OH  



                                                                                                                               11:00-12:30 on 4/9/18              9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. on 4/11/18


Play Therapist (part-time to full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Galion, OH
April 5, 2018
Play Therapist (part-time to full-time)
Family Life Counseling, Galion, OH


Provides client-centered play therapy to clients and filial therapy to parents/caregivers. Training provided. 


Forward resumes to Cheryl Purviance via email cpurviance@flcps.com --or-mail/drop off at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44903



at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield,OH  



                                                                                                                               11:00-12:30 on 4/9/18              9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. on 4/11/18



Administrative Assistant
Family Life Counseling, Galion, OH
April 5, 2018
Administrative Assistant
Family Life Counseling, Galion, OH

Full time (8:45a.m. to 5:15 p.m. M-F). Must be friendly and approachable;able to multi-task and prioritize. Responsible for all front office operations: interactions with clients1 phones,scheduling for Galion therapists} taking referrals/entering new clients into system, etc.


Forward resumes to Cheryl Purviance via email cpurviance@flcps.com --or-mail/drop off at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44903



at 222 Marion  Avenue, Mansfield,OH  



                                                                                                                               11:00-12:30 on 4/9/18              9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. on 4/11/18

Director of Music Ministries
Shreve United Methodist Church, Shreve, OH
April 5, 2018
Director of Music Ministries
Shreve United Methodist Church, Shreve, OH

The Director of Music Ministries (DMM) is a part-time leadership position within the Shreve United Methodist Church. The DMM is responsible for developing, administrating, and sustaining a comprehensive music ministries program for the church community. This would provide opportunities for all [Adults, Youth, & Children] to create an atmosphere of worship and use their musical gifts to the glory of God. The DMM will seek to develop and incorporate into weekly worship a variety of musical styles including traditional, contemporary, vocal and instrumental. The DMM will work closely with the Pastor and the Worship Committee in the planning of services. The DMM will be in agreement with the United Methodist policy and doctrine and with the mission and vision of the Shreve United Methodist Church.


● Directly to the Pastor

● Overall accountability to Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

●Close cooperation with the Worship Committee





● Direct the Chancel Choir including music selection, rehearsals, and Sunday worship services.

● Develop the children’s choir and additional music ministries at SUMC.

●Plan and lead special services such as Cantatas at Christmas and Easter, including the selection of music, recruiting soloists, and coordinating all other production needs.

●Work with the Pastor to plan and provide special music for community services in cooperation with other Shreve area churches including, but not limited to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.

●Recruit, train and encourage members to participate and lead in musical activities at SUMC. Develop and train volunteer leadership in cooperation with youth and other ministry areas.

● Overall responsibility and accountability for all music related areas of the church [Adults, Youth, & Children], giving direction and oversight, including hands on leadership when needed.

●Be willing to perform other music related duties as needed and directed by the Pastor or SPRC.

● Not required but helpful:

        o Ability to play Piano or Organ at least two Sundays a month during the weekly worship service and at special church or community services.

        o Ability to organize and direct instrumental groups.


Worship Planning

●Join with the Pastor, Staff, and the Worship Committee in planning worship services and special programs.

●Work with the Pastor to choose music that fits the message and theme for the day.

●Coordinate with the musicians, Pastor, and Administrative Assistant to schedule all accompanists, soloists, musical groups, and special music for all services. [See List of Primary Accompanists approved by the SPRC].

● Organize and schedule special music for regular weekly services.

●Work with the SUMC Technical Director to have the words on the screen and any other necessary music or video support. Submit this information following the guidelines of the Technical Team.

●Schedule the weekly Song Leaders and communicate musical selections to them.



●Manage the annual music budget, purchase music and supplies, and schedule tuning and necessary maintenance on church owned instruments.

●Participate in Staff Meetings and Worship Committee Meetings.

●Work with the staff to maintain an accurate calendar of music activities and events.

●Prepare a monthly report for the Church Newsletter.

● Give the Administrative Assistant information for Bulletin and Newsletter according to proscribed deadlines.

●Maintain the records for CCLI and work with the church to maintain compliance.



●Maintain the choir practice room, storage rooms, music closet, and all music archives.

●Be available for all worship services at SUMC. This would include special services such as Easter and Christmas Eve, and community services as directed.

● Attend continuing education events for personal and program development. Compensation [up to annual budgeted amount] will be provided.




●Be seeking to grow in faith through participation in Bible Study, Sunday School, or small group accountability.

● Keep confidences and deal with conflicts following the biblical model (Matthew 18).

● Determine and pursue common ministry goals with other SUMC Ministries.

●Maintain high ethical Christian standards in your ministry and life.




● Sick leave and vacation time will be granted according to the guidelines specified in the SUMC Employee Handbook. Extended sick leave will be at the discretion of the SPRC and pastor.



• This is a part-time salaried position requiring whatever hours are needed to fulfill the assigned duties.

●There will be a 90-day trial period with an SPRC evaluation at the end of the 90 days.

●This is an “at will” position meaning that employment may be terminated by either party for any reason with a courtesy of four weeks’ notice.

● Adhere to directives as outlined in Employee Handbook.

●Church membership is welcome, but not mandatory for this position.


For application please contact:

Shreve United Methodist Church; 330-567-2051



Lead Pastor
Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, VA
March 29, 2018
Lead Pastor
Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, VA

Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, VA, is seeking a full-time lead pastor, someone who will give spiritual leadership and general oversight to the congregation.  LMC has an average attendance of 300 with over 100 children and youth.  For more information contact Jana Beyer, search committee chair at searchcomm@lindale.org.

Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator
New Beginnings United Methodist Church, Delaware, OH
March 27, 2018
Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator
New Beginnings United Methodist Church, Delaware, OH


      New Beginnings United Methodist Church enters into agreement with Coordinator’s Name to fill the position of Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator. 

      The Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator, as an employee of the church, will serve under the supervision and direction of the Lead Pastor and be responsible to the Ministry Team of the church. 

      This agreement is reviewed annually, including an initial four month probationary period in which either party may be released from this agreement, and is subject to review by the Ministry Team.



      Teach and/or recruit a teaching team for children’s class (age 4 through grade 5) on Sunday mornings on a weekly basis. 

      Prepare all class materials and lesson plans for the class. 

      Coordinate, recruit, schedule and train family ministry volunteers and church staff. 

      Develop comprehensive strategy and vision for a family ministry. 

      Organize and conduct family ministries and outreach events to the community. 

      Develop a connection system and discipleship opportunities for families. 

      Develop new innovative ministries to connect the community and the church through relationships built on skills, hobbies, interests and passions. 

     Strategically implement a connection plan with the goal of having the community visit the new church site at least once a week. 

      Individual and ministry planning, preparation and study time. 

      Participation in worship services as needed. 

      Complete commitment to, investment in and the embracing of the vision, purpose, core values and team ministry concept of New Beginnings United Methodist Church. 

      Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.



     The Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator’s gross salary for the above services beginning June 1, 2018 will be $35,000.00 to $50,000 annually depending on education and experience. 

     New Beginnings United Methodist Church will pay one half of the Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator’s FICA taxes. 

     New Beginnings United Methodist Church will pay for workman’s comprehensive coverage for the Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator.



     June 1, 2018.



       Either party may terminate this agreement with prior four weeks’ notice. 

      The Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator may be terminated immediately for any activity of insubordination, instance of moral turpitude or refusal to comply with the duties outlined in this agreement.



      For each calendar year, the Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator will be allotted seven paid sick days. These sick days do not accumulate or carry over and any addition sick days must be approved by the Ministry Team.



      At the time of employment, the Connection/Family Ministry Coordinator will receive two weeks of paid vacation annually. Vacation time is based upon the following accumulative criteria:


                        One week available after 6 months of service.

                        One week available after 12 months of service.                       

                        Two weeks available after 12 months of service on an annual basis.

                        Three weeks available after 5 years of service on a continual basis.

                        Four weeks available after 10 years of service on a continual basis.

 To apply:  

New Beginnings United Methodist Church
PO Box 1268
Delaware, Ohio 43015
Church - 740.363.2092

Brethren Care Village, Ashland, OH
March 26, 2018
Brethren Care Village, Ashland, OH

Brethren Care Village is currently accepting applications for a full time Chaplain for our retirement campus.  This individual will oversee and coordinate spiritual care for our residents, families and staff.  

Strong communication, leadership, and experience with seniors are essential. Successful applicant must be honest, motivated, energetic, and dependable. We offer a competitive wage and benefit package.


Brethren Care Village

2140 Center Street

Ashland, Ohio 44805

Or at hrdept@brethrencarevillage.org


Hartland Center Community Church, Collins, OH
March 23, 2018
Hartland Center Community Church, Collins, OH

We are a growing, multigenerational congregation. in a  rural setting seeking a part-time pastor. The congregation is committed to growing spiritually and to minister to it’s community.

The position includes Preaching , Teaching  and leading worship on Sunday mornings as well as ministering through visiting, conducting weddings , funerals and counseling as needed. We have prayer meetings two time a month.

We are looking for a  candidate that has  a Bible degree, either bachelors or masters and prefer some pastoral experience.

Position would require approximately 15 to 20 hours per week.

The congregation would be willing to move in the direction of a full time position sometime in the future.

Send resume to pastorsearch10@gmail.com. or contact Roy Wallace at 419-368-6013 and leave a message.

Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Inc.; Mansfield, OH
March 23, 2018
Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Inc.; Mansfield, OH

Family Life Counseling offers a variety of services, including mental health, domestic violence, sexual assualt, drug and alcohol treatment, family/marriage counseling, etc. We have ten locals spread across Ohio (Mansfield x2, Shelby, Galion, Norwalk, Danville, Willard, Millersburg, Loudonville, Bellevue), and many of these locations are constantly growing. 
At this current moment, we are most in need of individuals in our Northern Ohio offices. There is much potential for growth in those locations (Norwalk, Bellevue, Willard).  
We currently have staff employed with the following credentials: 
Counseling: CT, LPC, LPCC, LPCC-S
Social Work: SWT, LSW, LISW, LISW-S
Therapist: IMFT
Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Inc. 
Email: twillis@flcps.com - Traci Willis

Senior Pastor
Little Washington Congregational Church, Mansfield, OH
March 20, 2018
Senior Pastor
Little Washington Congregational Church, Mansfield, OH

Our church is seeking an ordained minister to serve as our Senior Pastor to lead and guide us spiritually, preach Sunday and other worship services, teach and interpret the scripture, preside over weddings, baptisms, and funerals, provide pastoral care and counseling, assist with outreach into the community, build a children’s and youth program, and participate in local and state ministerial associations.

The candidate must possess a Master of Divinity Degree from an accredited university and have several years experience serving as a Senior or Associate Pastor.

We are a rural moderately conservative Congregational community church with 150+ members in the Mansfield/Lucas area. To be considered for this position, send a cover letter and resume to Joan Berry Kalamas, Moderator, Little Washington Congregational Church, 2323 Washington South Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44903.  EOE

Director of Christian Education/Youth Leadership (Part-time)
Carrollton First United Methodist Church, Carrollton, OH
March 14, 2018
Director of Christian Education/Youth Leadership (Part-time)
Carrollton First United Methodist Church, Carrollton, OH

Director of Christian Education/Youth Leadership

Part Time (Salaried) position 30-35 hours per week 

Overview of Position

Carrollton First UMC/The Bridge is looking to fill a staff position that will minister to both children and youth. The position calls for a person who loves the Lord and has a passion for assisting children and youth in their growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.


  •        Coordinate Children’s/Youth Ministry at both Yellow Brick Church (YBC) and the Bridge
  •        Establish Christian Education goals and budgets for both YBC and the Bridge
  •        Continue to grow the Youth Program (Jr. High/High School) as the main youth leader
  •        Recruit, train, direct and support volunteer education and youth staff
  •        Provide training events to keep volunteers refreshed as well as updated
  •        Choose curriculum/materials compatible with a biblical worldview and with United Methodist discipline, practice and teaching.
  •        Coordinate Sunday School, Bridge Kidz, Wild Wednesday, Vacation Bible School, Nursery
  •        Work with other staff to insure scheduling conflicts are avoided
  •        Attend Administrative Council meetings to represent Christian Education/Youth programs
  •        Insure compliance of the CFUMC Safe Sanctuaries Policy, and schedule annual training updates  
  •        Attend quality continuing education events in educational/youth ministry
  •        Have a passion for working with children and youth in a Christian environment, and feel led by God’s calling to serve in this area.
  •        Be able to effectively “connect” with the youth on an interpersonal level.
  •        Be able to effectively communicate with parents.
  •        Be willing to accept constructive input and support from the youth, parents and church leaders.
  •        Have prior experience, professional training and/or education in youth ministries.
  •        Have a desire and ability to lead the youth in praise and worship music, either personally or through other resources.
  •        Perform other related duties as indicated by the pastoral staff.
  •        Develop small group ministry with teens.
  •        Plan and coordinate special events, service projects, fund raisers and other activities for youth throughout the year. The Youth Leader is encouraged to recruit additional help for these activities as needed.
  •        Participate in the local network of youth group leaders from other churches, the Ohio Valley District and the East Ohio Conference to receive encouragement, gain exposure to other teaching ideas, provide support to            others and grow spiritually.
  •        Meet at least twice monthly with Pastoral Staff.
  •        Report Youth and Children’s Ministry in church e-newsletter.
  •        Participate in an annual performance/ personal development review with the Pastor.



  •        Be a born-again Christian who agrees to participate actively in the life of Carrollton First UMC/The Bridge as a part of all worship services.
  •        Appropriate references and background checks
  •        Experience in an educational environment with children is preferred
  •        Administrative and personal computer skills
  •        Demonstrate leadership in generous giving by regularly contributing their tithes and offerings to support the work of God through the ministry of the Church.
  •        A Christ-like spirit of acceptance, warmth and conviction
  •        Be a Team Player (support overall vision of church) with staff and volunteers.
  •        Be a role model for children, youth and adults seeking to grow in their Christian faith
  •        Ability to equip volunteers to serve in education ministry
  •        Ability to maintain confidentiality 


Submit resume, cover letter and three references to office@yellowbrickchurch.org or Attn: SPR Committee, 253 South Lisbon Street, Carrollton, Ohio 44615 no later than April 23, 2018.

Director of Youth Ministries (Part-time)
Cardington First United Methodist Church, Cardington, OH
March 12, 2018
Director of Youth Ministries (Part-time)
Cardington First United Methodist Church, Cardington, OH


Personal Requirements 

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Have a passion for youth and teaching/introducing them to Jesus Christ.
  • Live a life that will be a model of Christ for youth.
  • Live in or near the Cardington area.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent, higher level of education preferred.
  • Pass a State and Federal Background check, as well as a drug test.







Job Requirements

  1. Develop a vision for the youth group that corresponds with the vision of the entire church by working in cooperation with the pastor, adult leaders, and youth leaders.
  2. Lead the youth programs at Cardington FUMC, which consists of three primary programs: Youth Group, Wonderful Wednesday and Sunday school. Involving the following:
    1. Finding volunteers to help with youth group activities.
    2. Teaching Sunday school.  (grades 6th-12th)
    3. Providing a lesson outline for the Wonderful Wednesday volunteers and teaching youth.
    4. Planning activities and organizing activities for the youth group on Sundays. 
    5. Attend Christian Youth Fellowship, Winter Jam, and Youth Annual Conference (both Jr. High and Sr. High) with youth


        3. Get involved at the Cardington High School/Junior High School (i.e. coaching, or volunteering wherever the school needs help.)

        4. Be an active participant in the lives of the youth, inside and outside of the church.

        5. Be an active part in the church worship service by helping with the children’s moment.

        6. Work with the youth leadership team on planning youth events. Meet weekly with the pastor.

        7. Plan and execute at least one youth lead worship service a year.

        8. Know and follow the Child Protection Policy of Cardington FUMC, as well as maintaining appropriate boundaries, as a professional representative of the church.  When needed - counsel teens and parents, but know your

                      limitations. Review delicate situations with the pastor.

       9. Prepare monthly newsletter notices and other communications for informing the congregation and community of events/fundraisers.  


Taking Resumes and Call Statement through: May 20, 2018

Send Resume and Call Statement to Cardington First United Methodist Church at:

  • Email Address:      cardfirstumc@centurylink.net
  • Church Address:   Cardington FUMC; 300 S. Marion St.; Cardington, Ohio 43315


If you have any Questions feel free to Contact:

  • Pastor Paul Turner (Senior Pastor) – (419) 864-0015 [office]; (740) 421-0715 [cell]


Pastor of Family Ministries
Trinity Church, Mentor, OH
March 8, 2018
Pastor of Family Ministries
Trinity Church, Mentor, OH

About  Trinity:

As a suburb about 25 miles outside Cleveland. Mentor is a city  filled with families that we want to see experience and live out  the  peace  of Christ  in their homes. Through the  leadership of Lead Pastor  Paul Sartarelli. who came to Trinity in 2015, our ministry staff is excited for the  future and how God will use Trinity to impact and love Lake County, Ohio. We are looking for another person to join this  team in leading our children and  families. You can learn  more about Trinity at trinitymentor.com.


About  the Position: 

The Pastor of Family Ministries will provide vision  and oversight of our elementary and children's programs as well as shepherd the  families whose children are in these areas. Primary responsibilities will include cultivating and developing leaders and  partners in ministry to develop and sustain a dynamic Sunday morning experience for children and  their families. This person will also be responsible for overseeing leadership teams that are responsible for ministries throughout the year, such as the  Summer Sports  Camp, Moms2Tots. and other ministry programs and events. The ideal candidate will be passionate about developing and  leading people and shepherding children and their families.


Responsibilities Include: 

•    Must  be a follower of Christ  that models the  qualifications of church leadership.

•    Enlist. equip, and empower a team of ministry partners to teach and  lead Sunday morning children's programming. 

•    Set vision, strategy, and goals in children's and  family ministry at Trinity. 

•    Select  programming curriculum and  manage scheduling of ministry partners. 

•    Participate in hospital visitation and counseling of children and  families as needed and up to competency level.

•     Anticipate and  plan for the  needs of children for whole-church events.

•    Develop and implement a strategy for reaching families in our  community. 

•    Be up-to-date with trends in children's ministry as well as issues  facing parents of young children.

•     Help parents in developing the spiritual life of their child. 

•    Serve with pastoral staff leadership team, giving input and direction for overall future and ministry of the church.



A master's degree in a related ministry field is preferred but not required.



Must have a proven track record of at least three {3) years of ministry experience related to family ministry.


Personal Characteristics: 

•    Demonstrated enthusiasm for  families and reaching families in our community.

•    A track record of casting vision and developing leaders. 

•    Experience and discernment in developing and determining curriculum for elementary and children's ministry.

•    Theology and chemistry that will fit with the culture of Trinity.


Interested candidates may submit their cover letter and resume in PDF format to Ty Waardenburg, Senior Associate Pastor, via email at tyw@trinitymentor.com.

First Presbyterian Church, New Philadelphia, OH
March 7, 2018
First Presbyterian Church, New Philadelphia, OH

Seeking god’s guidance and are pursing every avenue to direct a pastor who would feel the calling to our congregation.


Pastor Nomination Committee

First Presbyterian Church

217 East High Avenue

New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Home: 330-339-2555

Cell: 330-407-2556


Minister of Youth and Christian Education
First Baptist Church, St. Albans, WV
March 5, 2018
Minister of Youth and Christian Education
First Baptist Church, St. Albans, WV



  1. Exemplifies a mature Christian walk and a desire for continued growth.
  2. Possesses a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, with a Seminary Degree desired. Has training and/or experience in Youth Ministry. Has a working knowledge of literature, resources, teaching methods, and group dynamics.
  3. Demonstrates a “heart” for people with a desire and calling to be a servant to others. Shows a “calling” to minister to students.
  4. Serves as a “team” player with Staff, Board of Christian Education, Children’s Ministry Leaders, Youth Advisors and Parents, etc.
  5. Initiates tasks without need of direct supervision…a “self-starter”
  6. Is theologically compatible with First Baptist Church. Holds beliefs that are in basic agreement with the doctrines of the church and the Senior Pastor. (Conservative Evangelical)




Oversee the continued development of the church’s vision for Youth Ministry


  1. Strive for a balanced ministry of Outreach and Discipleship:
    1. Wednesday Evening Programming – The Well Ministry
    2. High School/Middle School Sunday School Classes (Involved in teaching)
    3. Periodic participation in Children’s Ministry
    4. Retreats
    5. Visit local schools (ex: Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
  2. Create opportunities for Youth to serve in Ministry and Mission:
    1. Youth Mission trips
    2. Local “hands-on” Ministry projects – Christ’s Kitchen, Union Mission, Homebound visitation, etc.
    3. Regular activities within the church
  3. Develop Youth Leaders for now and future:
    1. Oversee Youth Leadership team
    2. Disciple through small groups and/or mentoring relationships
    3. Encourage participation in State/National Youth Training opportunities
  4. Provide recruitment and training of Adult Advisors
  5. Oversee planning of regular Youth activities
  6. Participate in West Virginia Baptist Convention youth events:
    1. Senior High Convention
    2. Jr. High Convention
    3. Camp Cowen

Serve as Staff Representative and work in conjunction with the Board of Christian Education under the supervision of the Senior Pastor


Contact Person: Joel M. Harpold, Senior Pastor

               Office: 304-727-4661   Cell: 304-546-1020

               Email: fbcsa.joel@frontier.com

Anchor Counseling Services LLC, Mentor, OH
February 28, 2018
Anchor Counseling Services LLC, Mentor, OH

Anchor Counseling Services in Mentor, Ohio is looking to expand and is in need of additional therapsists.  We are a clinical counseling practice that offers Christian and non-religious therapy. We have eight counselors on staff and diverse areas of specialization and focus. The clinician would provide the full range of outpatient mental health and/or chemical dependency services offered, including diagnostic assessment; individual, family and group psychotherapy; and crisis intervention as needed.   The clinician must be licensed to diagnose and treat adults and/or children as applicable with mental illness and/or chemical dependency and their families as identified in their scope of practice.  Training in grief, couples and marriage and play therapy is preferred.

We offer flexible scheduling, although evening and weekend hours must be offered based on client need and availability. All applicants must hold an LPC, LPCC, LISW or LSW degree.

Interested candidates, please forward your resume or vitae, along with three professional references. Please include email contact information for each professional reference. Please send your documents anchorcounselingllc@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jeni (Janet) Fetzer   MA, LPCC-S


Senior Pastor (part-time or full-time)
First Brethren Church Oak Hill, Oak Hill, WV
February 27, 2018
Senior Pastor (part-time or full-time)
First Brethren Church Oak Hill, Oak Hill, WV

Oak Hill (WV) - First Brethren Church Oak Hill is moving into their next season of ministry in their community as they encounter God's "OuterWord", "Inner Word" and "Living Word" together. They are currently accepting resumes and Pastor Profile information from candidates interested in a part-time or full time position as their senior pastor. Interested individuals should email information to jasoncrouch79@gmail.com, or mail paper copies to: Oak Hill Brethren Search Committee, c/o Jason Crouch, 30 Valley Street, Oak Hill, WV 25901 


Director of Middle School Ministries
Mandarin Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL
February 21, 2018
Director of Middle School Ministries
Mandarin Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL

Mandarin Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, FL (www.mandarinpres.com), a dynamic and Christ-centered church in the ECO denomination, is looking for an experienced, energetic, and qualified individual to come on staff as their Director of Middle School Ministries. This person would work under the direction of the Associate Pastor for Next Generation Ministries as a part of the Youth Ministry staff to live out the church’s vision of leading students and parents towards a relationship with Christ and to grow in their discipleship with Him. This person should have a passion for middle school students and their families in and outside of the church. Together the DMSM will collaborate with the Youth Ministry staff and with the Next Generation Ministries staff, using your creativity and vision, to build a dynamic student ministry that engages youth, 6th-12th grade. 

Qualifications for this position include a deep and growing faith in Jesus Christ. This person needs to love middle school students, be an equipper of others, be an excellent communicator, and possess a desire to see families connected to Christ and the church. This person needs to understand and agree with the core values and essential tenets of ECO. Gifted in relational and program ministry and having a good understanding of current youth culture, especially focused on middle school age issues, the candidate should be a builder of others. The candidate must have a college degree and 2-3 years experience in youth ministry (preferably in the same position). 

A cover letter and resume can be sent to drew.hulse@ministryarchitects.com. Videos of teaching a lesson or preaching to youth should also be included.

Youth Leader (part-time)
Maple Grove Church of the Brethren, Ashland, OH
February 14, 2018
Youth Leader (part-time)
Maple Grove Church of the Brethren, Ashland, OH

Mission Statement 

The mission of Maple Grove Church of the Brethren is to welcome all people, to invole them in various activities of the church, to teach them the principles of the Christian Faith as embodied by our denomination, to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to prepare them to use their gifts in the home, the church, and the world.


Job Requirements 

  • A fellow Christian and believer in Jesus Christ
  • Confirmation of “Call” to youth ministry
  • Organized and willing to help organize others          
  • Willingness to grow spiritually
  • Working knowledge of the Bible
  • Consistent in your Christian life, walk with the Lord, and with the Church of the Brethren Anabaptist and Pietist beliefs and practices
  • Honesty to talk with youth about the ups and downs of life and how we deal with them
  • Enthusiastic about youth ministry and be a “safe” person for issues concerning our kids
  • Strong leadership, team-building and communication skills
  • Young at heart and identify with our youth, help them to have fun and realize how full life can be as followers of Christ


Job Description 

The Maple Grove youth leader will be the go-to person for all things involving youth at our church. This person will work with parents and the rest of our congregation to: 

  • Create a master list of all youth (grades 6-12) and their parents which will include their names, phone numbers, addresses, youth birthdays, and e-mails
  • Conduct regular youth meetings including fun events, service projects, and fundraisers
  • Include Bible teachings and relate those teachings to youth's everyday life
  • Organize youth events and organize how parents will help throughout each event
  • Help promote youth and youth parent's involvement within Maple Grove (during Sunday worship as well as within church activities)
  • Advertise and promote youth events to all youth within our congregation
  • Keep youth accountable and involved and will contact and follow up with those who have missed activities/events
  • Highlight what youth are doing outside of church by congratulatory texts/during joys and concerns during Sunday service as well as on the bulletin board in the gathering room
  • Get schedules of activities youth are involved in and post on bulletin board and make time to watch an activity for each youth...be INVOLVED and care about their life outsife of church
  • Transport youth to events outside of church
  • Work with youth President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer in how to handle their positions
  • Inform youth on district Church of the Brethren as well as the larger Church of the Brethren activities and events and help transport those youth as needed
  • Communicate with those responsible for getting information in the bulletin as well as the church website, newsletter, and facebook page to advertise what events/activities/fundraisers will be occurring
  • Hold organizational meeting (usually in August) to organize the year and schedule meetings with parents and youth leaders as needed


Hours and Financial Consideration 

The Youth Leader will work approximately 15 hours per week and shall be paid $12,000.00 (twelve thousand dollars) per year. In addition to the annual salary, the Youth Leader will be reimbursed up to $2,500.00 (two-thousand five hundred dollars) per year, for any mileage incurred while carrying out prescribed duties.


The Youth Leader will be accountable to Ministerial Committee and provide them with monthly reports, attend monthly meetings (and Church Board and Council meetings), and be evaluated annually (by Ministerial Committee).


If you read the job description and are interested in applying please call or text John Stutzman at 567-203-2053 or email jrmec98@gmail.com for an application.


Children's Ministry - Script/Content Writer for Elementary Group Lesson
Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay Village, OH
February 8, 2018
Children's Ministry - Script/Content Writer for Elementary Group Lesson
Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay Village, OH

Bay Presbyterian Church is looking for a new person to join our Children’s Ministry Team! If you have previous experience in ministry or education, strong writing skills, and a desire to bring the truth of the Bible to life for students in kindergarten through fourth grade, we want to talk to you! Help design, shape and collaboratively write our Sunday morning programs, ministering to children, their families and the volunteers that make this a thriving ministry of the church. This is a part-time, 25 hours per week position. For more information or to apply contact Adrienne at astevens@baypres.org


Primary Purpose: The purpose of this position is to provide leadership for the elementary children’s ministries at BPC with the primary focus on collaboratively writing scripts from selected “Key Truths” to present the message to a group of elementary school students.  This is an exempt, 25 hour per week position (5 hrs. Sunday morning) that reports to the Director of Children’s Ministry. 

Core Responsibilities: 

Elementary Large Group Development and Leadership 

  • Develop and write curriculum/script for Sunday morning including vision casting, prayer, brainstorming meeting, research and administration of all systems of ministry that pertain to large group curriculum.
  • Provide leadership to the Elementary Large Group Volunteers; includes vision casting, recruiting, training, team building, management, and administration of all systems of ministry that pertain to Elementary Large Group.
  • Work weekly with Elementary Small Group Director to align large group and small group activities for the coming Sunday.
  • Responsible for Large Group stage set-up and design ideas.
  • Work with Elementary Tech Director weekly for all large group AV needs.
  • Establish meaningful, Christ centered relationships with children and families 

Relational Ministry 

  • Exercise relational ministry with parents of elementary aged children such that parents are encouraged and equipped to serve as their child’s primary faith trainer.
  • 2nd grade Milestone and Communion Milestone: along with providing worship, this is a shared responsibility with Elementary Small Group Director. Both are responsible for planning and executing the event.
  • 4th, 5th, 6th grade events: “bridging” to middle school Student Ministries.  This is a shared responsibility with Elementary Small Group Director and/or Directors of Student Ministry. All are responsible for planning and executing the event. 


  • A heart for children’s ministry, script writing and a willingness to serve the Lord
  • A BA in Education and/or English or previous work experience in children's ministry, student ministry or an educational setting
  • Must be able to participate in Children’s Ministry worship services on Sunday mornings.
  • Strong writing skills
  • Possess strong computer skills with a working knowledge of the Apple platform and Mac Computers and the ability to learn new programs; knowledge of the Microsoft programs is desired as well.
  • Must be creative, able to think out of the box with a desire to keep the ministry fresh and exciting.
  • Enjoys working in a team environment with a willingness to step in where needed. 


Job Type: Part-time 

Salary: $20,000.00 to $21,500.00 /year


Collegiate Ministry Staff - The Navigators
New York and New England States
February 7, 2018
Collegiate Ministry Staff - The Navigators
New York and New England States

The Northeast Collegiate Navigators seeks qualified candidates to join our regional staff team to reach students for Christ on campuses in New York and New England. 
Openings at:
• University of Maine—Orono
• University of Massachusetts— Amherst
• New York University
• Northeastern University (pioneering)
• University of Southern Maine
• Worcester Polytechnic Institute
• Yale University
Full-time, part-time, and bi-vocational positions are available commensurate with experience and willingness to raise financial support.
The Navigators (www.navigators.org) is an international, interdenominational missions organization.  Navigator staff are dedicated to training and walking with believers who will in turn do the same with others through authentic, purposeful relationships. Leadership, training and team-based structure provided.
Responsibilities: Ministry creation, leadership, evangelism, discipleship, teaching, public speaking, team-building, team-work, fund-raising, coordinating retreats & conferences, directing spring break trips & summer programs, church relations.
Qualifications: An ideal applicant would have at least three years of work experience or graduate studies (post bachelors degree) and a demonstrated track record of significant achievement and leadership within their professional and/or academic career. 
He or she would have a strong Biblical background, a proven commitment to evangelism and discipleship, and the ability to adapt to the culture of a college campus.  In terms of work style, the candidate would need to be a self-starter, with the motivation to own tasks and work independently, but also the ability to collaborate effectively with others.
Strong personal motivation to invest in the vision and mission of The Navigators is highly valued, so candidates must be mature and growing Christians, with an understanding of campus ministry, a passion for connecting students with the person of Christ, and a grasp of the strategic role of the university in our culture.
Professional profiles of top candidates might include experienced youth or campus ministers; associate pastors, educators, engineers, business or non-profit leaders or strategy consultants.
Staff Training:Prior to long-term appointment with a campus ministry, candidates are required to complete at least two years of residential ministry training with a senior staff trainer.  Current training locations include Boston, New York City, University of Southern Maine, UMASS—Amherst, and Yale University.

How to Apply: To apply for a position please submit a ministry resume and letter of inquiry to craig.parker@navigators.org

Link to Website: https://www.northeastnavigators.com/



Minister/Director of Student Ministries
Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, West St. Louis, MO
February 7, 2018
Minister/Director of Student Ministries
Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, West St. Louis, MO

A family-focused, Christ-centered ECO Presbyterian church in the West St. Louis area, Bonhomme Presbyterian Church (www.bonpres.org) is seeking a full-time Minister/Director of Student Ministries to grow students towards the mind and heart of Christ while becoming the hands and feet to Christ in the community. This person will be responsible for supervising the full-time Assistant Director for Youth Ministries and the part-time Assistant for Youth Ministries, collaborating together with the larger staff to build a dynamic student and family ministry that engages youth, 6th-12th and families in faithful discipleship.

Qualifications for this position include a deep and growing faith in Jesus Christ, a high view of scripture, and an intentional life of prayer and study. The candidate should be grounded in the Reformed faith and have an understanding of the ECO denomination. A builder who is gifted in relational and program ministry and having a good understanding of current youth culture, the candidate must have a commitment to growing students within the family of faith. The candidate must possess a college degree and at least 5 years experience in youth ministry (preferably in the same position).

Cover letter and resume can be sent to drew.hulse@ministryarchitects.com.

Youth Pastor (Full-time)
Alliance Friends Church, Alliance, OH
February 5, 2018
Youth Pastor (Full-time)
Alliance Friends Church, Alliance, OH

YOUTH PASTOR, FULL TIME, with benefits. Looking for someone energetic and excited to work with teens, junior high and senior high. Must have a heart to disciple committed teens for Jesus as well as reach out to those more distanced from church. Inner city type environment with multi-ethnic attenders. Will join a dynamic ministry team. Ministry degree strongly preferred. Contact Donna Carr Jenkins at   330 685 2223 or email donnacj2532@sbcglobal.net  Alliance Friends Church (Ohio). 

Children & Family Pastor (Full-time)
Goshen First Brethren Church & Jefferson Community Church (2-Point Charge), Goshen, IN
February 5, 2018
Children & Family Pastor (Full-time)
Goshen First Brethren Church & Jefferson Community Church (2-Point Charge), Goshen, IN

Goshen First Brethren Church & Jefferson Community Church are seeking a full-time (40-45 hr/wk)Children and Family Pastor to equip and enliven our congregations through discipleship and outreach ministries for families with children from infancy through grade 6. This position is a two-point charge shared between the congregations. As a member of the pastoral staff, s/he will lead, equip, and participate in  ministry to children and families as we reach out to neighbors in downtown Goshen and in the Jefferson township. Ideal candidates will have experience in work with children and families and be conversationally fluent in Spanish.


Essential Functions

  1. Report: Attend bi-weekly staff meeting Tuesdays for prayer, updates, and forecasting for the week. Report to Senior Pastors for campus-specific duties.

  2. Plan: Direct planning, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum, events, and outreach related to children’s ministry.

  3. Welcome: Provide oversight of the sign-in and registration process for children and families to create a safe and hospitable environment.

  4. Equip: Recruit, train, and oversee lay leaders and volunteers from each congregation for children and family ministry. Children and Family Pastor should be primarily an administrative and equipping role, although it may occasionally require direct service in classrooms.

  5. Communicate: Send email & text updates to parents on children’s ministry happenings once per week. Make children’s ministry info available for calendar mailings, handouts, social media posts, & website. Communicate with volunteers to prepare for events.


To apply, please submit a cover letter and a resume detailing your professional and ministry experience to gfbcoffice@gmail.com.

Church Websites:


Associate Pastor
Grantham Church, Mechanicsburg, PA
February 1, 2018
Associate Pastor
Grantham Church, Mechanicsburg, PA

Grantham Church is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor to nurture our congregation and assimilate new members through ministries of care, small groups, and discipleship. As a member of the pastoral staff, s/he will support the Senior Pastor in preaching, teaching, and shepherding the congregation. We are historically committed to congregational and community life that embraces the theology and core values of the Brethren in Christ, and specifically affirm our denomination’s long-standing biblical understanding, which supports women in ministry and leadership. Situated adjacent to Messiah College, we are an intentionally intergenerational congregation and seek a vibrant new team member who can engage comfortably in a diverse environment. The ideal candidate will have at least three years of experience serving in a similar capacity on a pastoral team, and will preferably have a seminary degree. To apply, please submit a cover letter describing your faith journey and ministry philosophy with a resume detailing your professional experience tooffice@granthamchurch.org


Church website:  http://www.granthamchurch.org/

Director of Discipleship
Wooster United Methodist Church, Wooster, OH
January 29, 2018
Director of Discipleship
Wooster United Methodist Church, Wooster, OH

This position is responsible for the development and implement of programs in each of the Ministry areas as well as actively participate in Ministry activities and events.

Children’s Ministry:

● Recruit and train volunteers for Children’s ministries:

  • Sunday School for toddler-4th grade
  • VBS
  • Children’s Library
  • Child involvement in worship including acolytes and reading
  • Nursery
  • outreach events

● Work with Discipleship Team to recruit, train, and oversee a paid caregiver for nursery on Sundays.

Youth’s Ministry

● Recruit and train volunteers for Youth ministries:

  • Retreat opportunities
  • Summer mission trips and other youth service projects
  • 5th to 12th grade Sunday School Education groups
  • Bible Studies and small groups
  • Outreach events
  • Youth Group for middle school and high school students

● Attend school activities as able
● Counsel youth as needed
● Assist Senior Pastor with Confirmation activities

Adult’s Ministry
● Recruit and train volunteers for Adult discipleship ministries:

  • Sunday morning small groups for young adults, young families, and general adult population
  • Weekday bible studies and small groups
  • Women’s and Men’s ministries
  • Make adults aware of new curriculum available at the conference media center, Cokesbury materials, WUMC small group library, and other resources

● Develop opportunities for Adult discipleship education

Other responsibilities:
● Enable congregation to Connect, Grow, and Serve using their gifts and graces
● Maintain and update Safe Sanctuaries policy when necessary
● Assure Safe Sanctuaries policy is practiced in all discipleship ministries
● Maintain social media pages for discipleship ministries
● Communicate clearly with administrative and pastoral staff
● Attend church meetings including:

  • Discipleship Teams
  • Church Council
  • Staff Meetings

A degree in Christian Education is preferred. Starting salary is $30,000 per year with benefits. Please submit resume and cover letter to Wooster UMC, 243 N. Market St., Wooster, OH 44691-3511, attn. Charles Brain, SPRC chair. Address email inquiries to office@woosterumc.org. Reply by March 30, 2018www.woosterumc.org


Senior Pastor (Full time)
Five Stones Community Church, Ashland, OH
December 5, 2017
Senior Pastor (Full time)
Five Stones Community Church, Ashland, OH

Five Stones Community Church in Ashland, Ohio is looking for a fulltime Senior Pastor to lead us forward in our mission. In addition to the biblical descriptions of a Christian leader in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:7-9, we are looking for a shepherd who displays a deep capacity to love and models a genuine life in the Spirit. He or she teaches and preaches the word, and spiritually and strategically leads others. As a coach, our new pastor will work to bring out the best in each of us we work together. Five Stones enjoys contemporary worship and is committed to help each person to fulfill their God-given mission.


Other Qualities/Qualifications:

  • MDiv or other graduate degree in theology, biblical studies, or ministry.
  • Appropriate experience in ministry preferred.
  • Understands, articulates and embraces the Brethren emphases of the Christian faith.
  • Willing to participate in and contribute to the life and community of the Brethren Church.

For more information about the Brethren Church, please go to: http://www.brethrenchurch.org/about-us


If this description aligns with your ministry trajectory, we invite you to submit a cover letter and resume either via email or hardcopy to:

Tammy Webb, Lead Deacon

411 Katherine Avenue

Ashland, OH 44805


Resumes will be received until the position is filled.

Submit an Opportunity

To submit an opportunity, please send an email to Susan Icenhour with the following information:

  • Position Title
  • Opportunity Location
  • Brief Summary of Position
  • How to Apply
  • Link to Website

Note that all positions will be posted for 60 days unless notified that they have been filled.

Email Susan

Who to Contact

Susan Icenhour sicenhou@ashland.edu 419-289-5023