Please visit for information on campus and office closings.

Position Location Date Posted
Mobile Ed Instructional Designeer
Bellingham, WA
April 15, 2014
Mobile Ed Instructional Designeer
Bellingham, WA

For this position, flexibility and the ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative atmosphere are musts. You will be working with Mobile Ed professors and an experienced production team creating content and video products aimed at the Christian market.

Developing course material with subject-matter experts, and working with them one on one in a studio-production environment
Breaking down existing course materials into self-contained topics
Reviewing courseware for instructional effectiveness and usability, considering feedback from end users and subject-matter experts, and implementing strategies to improve courseware
Enhancing lecture videos with on-screen text in Final Cut Pro X
Collaborating on new course design/curriculum development
The ideal candidate...

Has a graduate or seminary degree in biblical or theological studies
Has the ability to spot a typo in biblical Greek and Hebrew words, including transliterated forms
Has two or more years’ experience as an educator or teacher, especially in an
online format
Owns a personal library collection of reference works including charts, maps, and images of the Bible
Enjoys simplifying complex concepts and is succinct
Naturally synthesizes and summarizes information
Has a proven ability to work on multiple priorities/projects
Has experience working with subject-matter experts in a team environment
Works effectively in team environments to consistently meet established deadlines
Has strong verbal and written communication skills and excellent
time-management skills
Is proficient in Logos Bible Software 5, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs

The really ideal candidate...

Has experience working with talent in a production environment
Has experience with core principles of instructional design and course architecture
Has a working knowledge of post-production tools like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Suite, Motion, and Screen Flow
Uses Logos Bible Software 5 extensively for studying and teaching
Please Submit resume and/or cover letter to

Associate Pastor/Youth Director
Punxsutawney First United Methodist Church. Punxsutawney, PA
April 11, 2014
Associate Pastor/Youth Director
Punxsutawney First United Methodist Church. Punxsutawney, PA Download Test

Youth Director Position:

* 15-20 hours a week

* Answers to the Senior Pastor

 The Candidate should possess and demonstrate:

  • A ‘born-again’ relationship with, and love for God with an outwardly visible commitment to Christ’s Lordship
  • A history of proven leadership, communication and organizational skills
  • A passion for developing Godly, discipling relationships with youth
  • A depth and breadth of understanding of scripture and its application in life
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in a youth related program

 The Candidate will:

  1. Develop and direct a three-tiered youth ministry program, dedicated to making disciples via:
  • a ‘Tweens ministry  (Grades 4-5)
  • a Junior High ministry (Grades 6-8) **
  • a Senior High ministry (Grades 9-12) **

 2. Coordinate the development, selection and presentation of youth program material

 3. Coordinate and provide leadership for youth ministry activities

 4. Train, equip and provide leadership for the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) by:

  • Cultivating their gifts in ministry
  • Empowering them to serve and lead
  • Developing their ability to :
    • Select, develop and present program materials
    • dynamically teach biblical concepts to youth
    • design, lead and direct games and activities for youth

 5. Initiate and nurture avenues of communication and inclusion in ministry with the parents of youth

 6. Communicate the vision and strategy of youth activities to the YMT, the congregation and the necessary committees of the church

 7. Collaborate with the church missions team in the development of a comprehensive missions program for adults and youth

 8. Develop and coordinate fundraising efforts among the youth and congregation necessary for youth ministry and youth missions

 9. Establish and maintain office hours at the church.

 10. Establish and maintain work related hours at youth events in the local schools and at community events.

 11. Teach Youth Sunday School and become an active participant in Sunday morning worship community.


Associate Pastor Position:

* 20-30 hours a week

* Answers to the Senior Pastor

 The Candidate should possess and demonstrate:

  • Passion for Jesus Christ
  • The gift of leadership and administration
  • An ability to motivate people to participate in community activities
  • Ability to work within the established Vision and Mission
  • Passion for Youth
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • A passion for developing Godly relationships with adults
  • An ability to teach people
  • An ability to work in small groups settings
  • The gift of evangelism
  • Not a ‘Visionary’ but a ‘Doer’
  • Evidence of accomplishment of teaching and small group ministries


The Candidate will:

  1. Work with the senior pastor on the development and implementation of covenant discipleship groups
  2. Coordinate evangelism events and work with existing Church Committee structure to plan and implement new events to reach people from outside the church
  3. Develop and coordinate small group ministries and covenant discipleship groups, prayer groups, and regular accountability groups.
  4. Able to work with the established vision to help people cross the ‘First Step’ barriers and to become actively involved in discipleship and ministry groups.
  5. Develop and implement Bible Study groups, including home Bible Study groups
  6. A clear understanding of Wesleyan Theology

The candidate will be responsible for:

  • Forming small groups in the Wesleyan tradition
  • Direct personal contact with congregation members by various methods such as phone calls, letters in the newsletter, Bible Studies, Email, Facebook, twitter, Web-site and text messages.
  • Invite and encourage people to join Sunday School classes and Bible Studies
  • Goal for number of Bible studies and small groups to reach 70% participation in three years
  • Establish and work with existing long term and short term Bible Studies to form groups similar to the following:
    • ALPHA Type
    • 6 week multi-generational training events
    • Rotating classes
    • Classes and structures that encourage change

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Associate Pastor/Youth Director at Punxsutawney First United Methodist Church. 

We request that you complete the following: 

  • Resume
  • Statement of Faith
  • Completed Application 

Your completed forms should be mailed or dropped off at FUMC, 301 West Mahoning Street, Punxsutawney, PA 15767

If you have any questions, please contact us at






Youth Minister (Full-time)
Wellington First United Methodist Church, Wellington, OH
April 10, 2014
Youth Minister (Full-time)
Wellington First United Methodist Church, Wellington, OH

Hours and Compensation:

Full Time.  Salary $36,000/year plus benefits.

Experience Requirement:

Willing to consider part-time start for senior theological students.

Minimum 1-2 year experience in youth ministry leadership plus significant seminary or theological training. Relocation required.

Description & Details:


Wellington FirsWellington First UMC loves kids and youth. Our active junior high / high school ministry is now seeking a youth leader with a Christ-like love for youth and a passion to share the Gospel to help youth experience the transforming power of God and help them to walk in a daily relationship with Jesus.                 

Ministry includes:

Pray individually and collectively for the youth and all ministries of the church. Conduct regular meetings including games, songs, worship sessions, Bible-based lessons, social gatherings, prayer sessions, breaking bread together, local mission work, small groups and the prayer partner program. Create an atmosphere for students to learn and grow in a safe environment.

Be a positive role model for Christ-centered life. This should include attending our worship regularly and encouraging youth church attendance, and also consistently attending to his or her spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and growth.

Build and maintain relationships with youth in and outside the church setting (school activities, hanging out, visiting, staying in contact). Develop relationship with local school systems. Actively work with other community and Christian youth leaders for the benefit of youth in the Wellington community. Build and maintain quality relationships and avenues of consistent contact with parents, encouraging participation in spiritual growth of their kids.

Develop youth leadership of youth group, teaching lessons, leading worship, mentoring younger students, welcoming visitors, and connecting with other youth groups in the area. Encourage and mentor the youth in sharing their faith. Invite and equip volunteers into the youth ministry for the spiritual growth of both the youth and the volunteers.

In harmony with the Senior Pastor, participate in the general ministry of the church as needed.

Serve as a member of “Solid Rock” Youth Ministry Committee, Youth Council, and Wellington First Methodist Education Committee. Work with “Solid Rock” Youth Ministry committee for support and guidance in planned activities, program emphases, and settings for youth ministry in the Wellington First United Methodist Church.

To Apply: Mail resume to Wellington First UMC, 127 Park Place, Wellington, Ohio 44090 Or email to:   Website:  

Office Worker (Part-time)
HansonHouse, Berea Ohio
April 8, 2014
Office Worker (Part-time)
HansonHouse, Berea Ohio

IMMEDIATE OPENING : Berea Ohio non-profit org seeking help for office functions

HOURS : begin 6 to 8 hours / week - days specified below

PAY : begin $ 9.00/hour 

CONTACT : Paul at HansonHouse ( 440 ) 234 - 9900 or e-mail at 
                  Mail : 173 front street, Berea Ohio 44017 

Leave a message - the contact info above is a " field office " and even regular hours are interrupted by member needs.  We regularly check message, but allow 7-10 days .

INTERVIEW :  Working format : you will experience a sample of what you will be doing by observing 
                    parts of a regular Wednesday working session - - -both in the field and at office.
                    Likewise, your skills will be assessed in that format . Contact Paul for appointment. 
                              JOB AVAILABILITY :

MUST be available Wednesdays 10:30 am till 2:30pm - ( 4 hours ) 

Other hours can be somewhat flexibly arranged on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays only. Will discuss this per candidate , including possibility of some work from home .  

No Mondays, weekends or Fridays unless by special and mutual arrangement .   

                                JOB SKILLS:

Primarily office duties. Some interaction with public / outside agencies and members of the organization. 

 Responsible to create/ store /retrieve communications data , and documents . Proficient in Word / able to read and edit Excel spreadsheets. Able to post updates and read Facebook. Work with variety of electronic storage devices . Powerpoint a plus, but not required. 

Check e-mail and phone messages and store as records. Assess and remove junk mail.
 Work with outside website designer to communicate our functional needs / details and to understand how to  edit / make changes and updates once designer has completed educational session with you.  

Able to then train volunteers / interns and interested members how to do the same . Able to process photos sent by phone and e-mail into the website and electronic storage devices. 

Able to draft documents on policies and procedures . Other related duties as they arise.  

                                          PEOPLE SKILLS :

  Willing to work with people whose disability makes it hard to speak , communicate clearly, forget details frequently  . Respect and courteous interaction style with men, women and families of all backgrounds.  

Candidate has ability to develop habit of succinct communication of critical information to staff, interns and volunteers .  

                                     ESPECIALLY PREFERRED :

Tech familiar with computers, phones, other office/ personal electronics. 
Flexible in approaches, good judgement and minimal need to supervise - Able to work alone or in environment of frequent interruption.  Able to prioritize, initiate , and  improvise when needed. 

Qualified applicants must pass a local background check . Substance free workplace.

Director of Youth Ministry (Part-time)
Trinity United Methodist Church in Mount Gilead, OH
April 8, 2014
Director of Youth Ministry (Part-time)
Trinity United Methodist Church in Mount Gilead, OH

The Trinity United Methodist Church in Mount Gilead, OH is seeking a part-time Director of Youth Ministry.

A job description is available on request. Interested persons should send a resume to For more information contact the church office at (419) 947-6040.

Youth and Young Adult Director
First United Methodist Church of Salem, Ohio
April 2, 2014
Youth and Young Adult Director
First United Methodist Church of Salem, Ohio

The First United Methodist Church of Salem, Ohio is looking for a part-time Youth and Young Adult Director.  Salem is a city of 12,500 people located 20 miles southwest of Youngstown.  The applicant should have a Bachelor's degree or life experience that has prepared them for working with teenagers and young to middle aged adults.  A strong background knowledge of the Bible is essential along with a flexible approach to instituting new ideas and ministries.  Contact Pastor Doug George ( or Louis Huffman ( for more information.

Church Website:

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, MI
April 2, 2014
Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, MI

Principal Role: 

The Pastor is the anointed undershepherd that God has sent to our church for such a time as this.

•   The primary responsibility  is to preach, to teach and lead a Spirit-led team-based ministry model.

•   To communicate the vision God has given for this time, and effectively shepherd His flock to the next level of relationship and ministry according to the will of God.


Ministry Tasks:


1. Preaching and Teaching

Preach and teach a biblically-based, uncompromised word, as the Holy Spirit leads. Embrace and teach the manifestations  of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Communicate strong definitions for basic Christian Principles and Doctrine. Train members for teaching responsibilities.

Collaborate  with the Minister of Music for planning of worship services.

Develop associate ministers and encourage their preaching.

Evangelize in the surrounding community  and further our redemptive territory ministry. Teach Bible Study, Sunday School and various Christian Education Foundation  classes.


2. Staff and Leadership Development

•   Develop and train the youth for leadership.

•   Attend leadership meetings; Deacon Board, Trustee Board, Executive Committee  and others as needed.

•   Set the tone for a gospel-centered ministry atmosphere.

•   Provide direction, vision and support for all church ministries.


3. Communication of the Vision

•   Communicate God's vision and mission for Second Baptist Church.

•   Communicate the vision God has for our education wing.


4. Shepherding

•   Identify, implement and communicate  effective strategies for leading the Church through change.

•   Avail oneself to provide pastoral care, counsel and support.

•   Conduct funerals, weddings, baptisms and other appropriate ceremonies.

•   Visit members who are in the hospital, hospice or nursing homes.

•   Be available to provide or suggest options for counseling.


5. Administration

•   Facilitate quarterly Church business meetings with efficiency, transparency  and grace, achieving  effective outcomes.

•   Provide administrative  leadership and operational support for the administrative staff.

•   Lead strategic planning sessions to address the vision of the Church.

•   Execute the vision for the education wing.

•   Use modem technology  in ministry




Position Qualifications:


• Licensed and/or ordained minister of the Gospel.

• Completed  Seminary or Divinity School degree.

• Leadership  experience (i.e. previous Pastor, ministry leader, active associate minister or teacher).

• Be a person of good character, with a spirit of transparency  and humility.

• Demonstrate  spiritual maturity and discipline.


Application Packet:



All candidates who are interested in applying must submit a completed application packet that consists of the following documents:

1. Updated resume with relevant educational, professional and ministerial experience.

2. Completed application.

3. Personal statement.

4. Two (2) samples of preaching (DVD, CD or web link) from the last 12 months.

5. Three (3) references from individuals different than the writers of your letters of recommendation.

6. Copy of all diplomas, degrees and certificates (Finalists will be required to produce official copies).

7. Copy of ministerial license and ordination certificate.

8. Three (3) letters of recommendation:

a. One (1) from the minister who ordained you, or clergy who can attest to your ordination.

b. One (1) Professional c. One (1) Personal



All submitted  information  will be regarded as confidential. Additional information may be requested and/or required. A

completed  application  for employment  and clearance of a criminal/personal background  check will be required for all finalists.


Please mail or email COMPLETED application packages to the physical and/or email address below. Please DO NOT FAX your application package. In order to be considered completed application packages must be postmarked or emailed by the application deadline of May 31, 2014.


You may download a copy of the application packet by visiting our website For more information please contact the Pulpit Search Committee at:

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor

ATTN: Pulpit Search Committee

850 Red Oak

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


About Us


Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan has been serving God and the community for nearly 150 years.  We are the oldest predominantly African American church in the city of Ann Arbor, established in 1865. In the beginning, the first congregants gathered for worship at a frame cottage on the southwest side of Elizabeth and High Streets. As the congregation increased, the Church purchased property located at 216 Beakes Street and a new edifice was constructed. By 1951 the congregation once again outgrew the house of worship. A new plan for expansion was developed which included tearing down the original structure and rebuilding the church in 1952. That building was used for worship services and a daycare until the construction of our present edifice located at 850

Red Oak Road in 1980.  Our most recent construction project, the Emmett L. Green Education Wing is scheduled to open in the Spring of2014. The wing, which is annexed to the church building, was named for its visionary our Pastor Emeritus, Emmett L. Green. This building will function as a learning and information resource center serving the church and community at large.


The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is a very progressive and transitional community due in large part to the influence and impact of the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor has a population of nearly 115,000 residents, with the surrounding county ofWashtenaw consisting of approximately 300,000 residents. Ann Arbor offers a wide variety of multicultural activities, and has a rich history in arts, science and entertainment. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, and an even better place to serve our God!


Our mission at Second Baptist is to promote and proclaim the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Even though we have more than 25 functioning in-reach auxiliaries as well as outreach ministries, we are hungry to continue to spread the truth of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ beyond the confines of the church building.  We are a grace-based house of worship and we believe that the Bible is the unadulterated Word of God inspired by His Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that the presence of the Lord will dwell among us and that through faith in Jesus Christ we will see miracles, signs and wonders manifested in the earth.

Family Life Pastor
Church of the Cross UMC, Toledo, OH
April 1, 2014
Family Life Pastor
Church of the Cross UMC, Toledo, OH

Church of the Cross, a growing, evangelical United Methodist Church of approx. 220 in worship attendance, is seeking a Family Life Pastor to lead a growing ministry to children, youth and families, as well as give some guidance to our young adult ministry.  We are seeking the right person who can get us to the next level in ministry and are prepared to offer a competitive salary to the right candidate.  Show us you are that person!  Please contact Pastor Steve Judson, Lead Pastor, at for more information, including full job description.


Church website:

Youth and Children's Pastor
Pittsfield Community Church, Wellington, OH
March 28, 2014
Youth and Children's Pastor
Pittsfield Community Church, Wellington, OH

Summary of Position: 15 hours per week (7.5 at the church and 7.5 for preparation, planning, and communication) Compensation up to $750.00 per month depending on availability and education/experience; hours and compensation are negotiable for the right person. We are looking for someone with fresh new ideas with a caring heart for the youth and children in our community. We need someone who can work without supervision but is willing to be accountable to the church board and leadership. A full job description is available.

Opportunity Location: Pittsfield Community Church is located 26 miles northeast of the Seminary. We are a rural group of people with an average attendance of 94 for worship and 32 for Sunday school.

How to Apply: If interested contact Pastor Jonathan Cheatham at or 440-574-1648. You may send a resume and cover letter to: Pittsfield Community Church Youth Pastor search committee 17026 State Route 58 Wellington, Ohio 44090.


Director of Worship Arts (Part-time)
Winona Friends Church, Salem, OH
March 26, 2014
Director of Worship Arts (Part-time)
Winona Friends Church, Salem, OH

This part-time position would include responsibility for working with the Senior Pastor to plan worship services, leading weekly worship team practices, coordinating and overseeing all musicians and vocalists, and leading Sunday morning worship in two services and at special seasons services.  The applicant should be proficient in leading congregational singing as well as keyboard or guitar.

The Director of Worship Arts must be a practicing Christian who can affirm our statement of faith and values.
To Apply: Send resume or inquiries to

Youth Pastor (Full or Part-Time)
Solid Ground Brethren in Christ Church, Alta Loma, CA
March 24, 2014
Youth Pastor (Full or Part-Time)
Solid Ground Brethren in Christ Church, Alta Loma, CA

We are looking for a director of Youth Ministries. This could either be a part-time, paid position in which you work solely with Youth Ministries, or a full-time, paid position supplementing your youth work by leading other church teams. This may include areas of discipleship, small groups, outreach, and/or missions. Hours and pay will be discussed during or after interview.


                     **Solid Ground Student Ministries

                        - Spiritual Leadership of student ministries

                        - Plan and lead weekly youth program

                        - Planning events for youth (including: camps, special events, outreach, etc.)

                        - Communicate the gospel in clear and relevant ways to students

                        - Establish and develop a plan for the growth of student ministries (spiritually and  


                        - Instill the preferred culture of Solid Ground within Student Ministries (Growing,

                          Gracious, Generous, Genuine, Gathering)

                        - Energizing youth and their families towards deeper relationship with Jesus

                        - Establish a presence at local middle/high schools

                        - Build bridges to the families of the students and connect them to the church

                        - Partner with students’ families regarding spiritual growth of the student

                        - Build and lead a team of volunteers

                        - Create, articulate, and promote vision for youth ministry

                        - Evaluate the health and growth of student ministries

                        - Speak at Alta Loma Christian School Chapels

                        - Connect with ALCS middle school students



*  A strong and growing faith in Jesus Christ and a love for the local church

*  Education: minimum of Bachelor’s degree (Seminary/Theological education preferred)

*  At least 3 years of effective youth ministry experience

*  A passion for youth and their spiritual formation

*  Strong communication Skills

*  Ability to build and oversee a team of leaders

*  Experience in conflict resolution

*  Comfortable ministering on middle school and high school campuses

*  Clear understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses

*  Able to make Scripture come alive for students

*  Comfortable and experienced with using technology and social media

*  Team player, self-starter, and communicate well with other staff

*  Willingness to try new things within ministry and evaluate effectiveness of ministry



            * Grow daily as a follower of Christ

            * Contribute positively to the SG staff

            * Work within a cooperative and collaborative environment

            * Follow through with tasks and commitments



            * Pastoral Staff

            * Office Staff

            * Parents of youth

            * Volunteers



            * Bob Beaty, Senior Pastor


Church Description: Solid Ground Church is located in Alta Loma, CA. The church has been in the Alta Loma community for 35 years and is a part of the Brethren in Christ denomination. The ministry consists of the church, a Christian school (Alta Loma Christian School), and a wedding venue called Hidden Oaks. The church sits in a highly populated residential area and desires to connect with our neighbors and see the lives of people transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. More information can be found at (church) and (denomination).


Please send resumes to:


If you have further questions feel free to email or contact us at 909-989-3119.


Minister to Children (Part-time)
Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Elyria, OH
March 14, 2014
Minister to Children (Part-time)
Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Elyria, OH

This is a part time position which we hope will grow to full time as the church continues to grow.  The minister will be responsible for overseeing a comprehensive ministry for children (bed babies - grade 5).  They will be a full part of the ministerial staff and will be supervised by the pastor who is a full supporter of student ministryOne exciting part of  the situation is that the church is in the process of relocating to a location directly adjacent to Midview Schools, so ministry opportunities for students and their families are limitless.

How to apply:  Send resume to

Minister to Students (Part-time)
Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Elyria, OH
March 14, 2014
Minister to Students (Part-time)
Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Elyria, OH

This is a part time position which we hope will grow to full time as the church continues to grow.  The minister will be responsible for overseeing a comprehensive ministry for students (middle school through college).  They will be a full part of the ministerial staff and will be supervised by the pastor who is a full supporter of student ministry (20 + year veteran youth pastor).  The exciting variable in the situation is that the church is in the process of relocating to a location directly adjacent to Midview Schools, so ministry opportunities for students and their families are limitless.

How to apply:  Send resume to

Discipleship Director
Magnolia United Methodist Church, Magnolia, OH
March 3, 2014
Discipleship Director
Magnolia United Methodist Church, Magnolia, OH

Magnolia United Methodist Church has an opening for a discipleship director.  The main emphasis of this position is to work with a team of volunteers to establish and implement a discipleship pathway to boost persons to a higher level of spiritual maturity and empower them to leadership and service.  Within this framework, we also emphasize empowering young parents in their Christian role.  This position is part-time requiring approximately 20 hours of service, but can be expanded if the person is willing to work with our youth or provide other needed areas of service in our church.  Compensation will be negotiated accordingly.

Interested candidates can request a complete job description by calling the church office at 330.866.3315 or emailing Pastor Steve Smith

Resumes need to be received before May 13, 2014. 


Director of Student Ministries
Faith United Methodist Church, Ashland, OH
February 27, 2014
Director of Student Ministries
Faith United Methodist Church, Ashland, OH

Salary & Time: The Director of Student Ministries is a salaried position at $15,000 annually, with a $1,200 accountable professional reimbursement fund. It is expected that the Director of Student Ministries will spend between 20-25 hours weekly in student ministry.  

Reports to: Lead pastor and Committee on Staff-Parish Relations 

Ministry Responsibilities:

​1.    Provide vision and leadership to the junior and senior high student ministry, including 
​       students, families, and volunteers. 

2.    Develop processes:

       a.  to reach unchurched and under-churched students
       b.  to lead students into a saving relationship with God through Jesus
       c.  of student discipleship and growth
       d.  for student-led ministries
       e.  to assimilate students at youth group into the larger worshiping community 

3.    Recruit, train, and empower adult volunteers 

4.    Work with lead pastor to accomplish the vision and goals of the larger worshiping   

5.    Work with Director of Children’s Ministry to assimilate pre-youth into the youth ministry. 

6.    Be present where the students are (schools, sporting events, musicals/plays, etc.).


Skills Desired 

1.    Teacher – ability to teach Scripture and biblical principles in a way that is relevant and

2.    Leader – ability to:
       a.  Cast & implement vision
       b.  Set & achieve goals
       c.  Create & stick to ministry values
       d.  Develop leaders
       e.  Think in systems 

3.    Administrator – ability to manage & organize information, and communicate it clearly to    

4.    Creative Strategizer – ability to creatively develop strategies for effective, Christ-centered

5.    Connecter – ability to attract, connect to, and develop trust with students, parents, 
                           volunteers, and other staff.

Expectations & Other Ongoing Responsibilities: 

1.     Has been convicted by the Holy Spirit into a saving-relationship with God through Christ. 

2.     Growing and maturing in the faith. 

3.     Work well with others in a team setting. 

4.     Attend required staff meetings and gatherings. 

5.     Attend Sunday morning worship. 

6.     Give Child Protection Training to volunteers. 

7.     Abide by all child protection policies. 

8.     Attend and participate in Faith UMC events where students and youth may be present. 

9.     Be a part of the teaching/preaching team. 

10.  Participate in regular performance evaluations. 

11.  Be privately and publicly loyal to Christ, the church,and Faith UMC staff.

To Apply:


Worship Intern and Youth Intern
Lakeview Baptist Church, Vermilion, OH
February 27, 2014
Worship Intern and Youth Intern
Lakeview Baptist Church, Vermilion, OH

Worship intern who can help direct a band, sing specials and help lead a contemporary service.  

Housing is provided as well as a salary for the term of the service.  Possibility of internship becoming permanent. We are a congregation of about 250-300  with one full time pastor and a part time secretary. All other positions are volunteer. We use the Purpose Driven Church model developed by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in California.

Interested candidates should contact Pastor Clif Morris at  440-967-5104

Associate Pastor of Discipleship
Warsaw Community Church, Warsaw, IN
February 26, 2014
Associate Pastor of Discipleship
Warsaw Community Church, Warsaw, IN

WCC is located in Warsaw, IN about half way between Ft. Wayne and South Bend.  Our non-denominational church has a current average attendance of about 2,750 each Sunday.

Position Title:                       Associate Pastor of Discipleship             

Supervisor:                           Lead Pastor

Original Definition:            1/29/14

Job Purpose:    

The purpose of this full time pastoral position is to assist the Lead Pastor carrying out the vision and mission of WCC. There will be a focus on the implementation of Equipping the Church, WCC’s discipleship program.

Working Environment:

This salaried position requires a minimum of 40 hours per week to perform.  Work days will typically be Monday through Friday.  Flexibility in work hours and days including evenings and weekends, subject to ministry needs is a must. 


  1. Bachelor’s degree required
  2. High value and view of God’s Word
  3. Teachable and flexible with high character
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  5. Team player who is interdependent
  6. Practical and professional ministry experience a must
  7. Strong desire to support WCC’s discipleship program

Essential Functions

  1. Curriculum Development with an emphasis on writing and editing
  2. Pastoral
    1. Discipleship – requires someone who is passionate about helping others apply the truth of the God’s Word to their everyday life
    2. Requires occasional Equipping the Church teaching duties
    3. Other pastoral on duties as needed (i.e. –On-call support, Pastor on Duty,  funerals, weddings, hospital visits)
    4. Managerial
      1. Leading projects through various stages to completion
      2. Research assistance for the development of additional material


Candidates are asked to email their resumes to: Warsaw Community Church, Attn: Billy Smith, Pastor of Operations, 103 Enterprise Drive, Warsaw, IN 46580

Church website:




Youth Ministry Intern
Bethany Christian Church, Cleveland, OH
February 24, 2014
Youth Ministry Intern
Bethany Christian Church, Cleveland, OH

Bethany Christian Church is seeking a Youth Ministry Intern.  To obtain more information please contact the church at 216.341.1132 or Harry Hempfill at 216.662.3128.


Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services
February 19, 2014
Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services

FIRELANDS COUNSELING AND RECOVERY SERVICES is expanding their service area and have several opportunities available:

Amherst, OH   - Home-Based Therapist

Sandusky, OHOutpatient Therapist; Hotline Worker

Port Clinton, OH - Site Director; CPST Manager

Norwalk, OH  - Outpatient Therapist

Fostoria, OHCPST Manager

Fremont, OH  - Day ES/REP Therapist Psych RN; Home-Based Therapist

Tiffin, OHAoD Services Coordinator; Home-Based Therapist; CPST Manager

 For more information on a position or to apply for a position, go to: 

First Abundant Life Fellowship, Mansfield, OH
February 11, 2014
First Abundant Life Fellowship, Mansfield, OH

Please contact Dr. Wanda Sprinkle to apply and for further information:  or 419.709.1435.


One in Christ Church of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
February 11, 2014
One in Christ Church of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Please contact Pastor David Hughes for more information or to apply:  216.551.6250  or

Intern (during Lead Pastor's sabbatical)
CenterPoint Church, Lewis Center, OH (near Columbus)
January 28, 2014
Intern (during Lead Pastor's sabbatical)
CenterPoint Church, Lewis Center, OH (near Columbus)

CenterPoint Church is looking for an intern to cover the Lead Pastor's sabbatical from May 18, 2014 through mid-August.  Duties would include providing the weekly message on Sunday and daily pastoral duties (assisted by the lead team).  

All interested persons should contact Pastor Dave Jansen (614.271.7464) to apply. 





Cuyahoga Valley Church, Broadview Height, OH
December 5, 2013
Cuyahoga Valley Church, Broadview Height, OH

To inquire about internship opportunities please contact:

Cuyahoga Valley Church

5055 East Wallings Rd

Broadview Height, Ohio 44147

Dean Siley: Pastor of Community Life

440.746.0404 ex.262


Student Roundtable
All ATS Locations
February 25, 2013
Student Roundtable
All ATS Locations Download Application

The Student Roundtable was formed in 2008 to give students a voice. Eight to ten students with a GPA of 2.7 or higher will be selected to serve on the 2012-2013 Student Roundtable.

Student must be enrolled for a minimum of 8 hours per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). Roundtable members will work on projects to be determined by the advisor and the Roundtable members.

In return for their active participation, students will be awarded a partial scholarship of $1,500 to be divided between the following quarters: Fall 2012, Winter 2013, and Spring 2013.

Glenn Black 419-289-5151

Submit an Opportunity

To submit an opportunity, please send an email to Susan Icenhour with the following information:

  • Position Title
  • Opportunity Location
  • Brief Summary of Position
  • How to Apply
  • Link to Website

Note that all positions will be posted for 60 days unless notified that they have been filled.

Email Susan

Who to Contact

Susan Icenhour 419-289-5023