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Pastoral Counseling & Care

Ashland Theological Seminary has embraced an educational philosophy that focuses on the development of the whole person. In addition to theological education’s traditional emphasis on information and skill development, the Seminary also values the nurturing of the soul or personal formation.

The Focus

The Upward Journey

Knowing who one is in Christ and making practical commitments that will deepen that understanding and relationship with the Lord….the foundation of life and ministry for the servant and a pathway to greater intimacy with the lord.

The Inward Journey

Personal transformation into the likeness of Christ. Positioning one’s self for the ongoing work, allowing the purging and perfecting process to occur within one’s life.

The Outward Journey

A clear sense of call. The development of authentic and accountable relationships. Being healthier than those that one serves.

The above is accomplished by providing students with pastoral counseling and care services, formational prayer services, and facilitating formational prayer groups. These services are provided by Pastoral Counseling and Care interns at all locations, along with the Chaplain on the Ashland campus.


To learn more about Pastoral Counseling and Care services contact Dr. Elaine Bednar.

Who to Contact

Elaine Bednar 419-289-5706