Disability Services

Students who have documentation from a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist for specific learning and/or health handicaps may receive services through the Office of Disability Services. It is not considered a disability if the condition is short term, however impairments that are in remission that substantially limit a major life activity when active are considered disabling.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit documentation supporting the need for accommodations. The documentation must clearly state the functional limitations of the disability and how the disability impacts the student’s learning. Accommodations must be reasonable and ones that do not lower or modify academic standards rather minimize the effect of the disability on learning.

For students who have specific physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let the professor know early in the semester (preferably the first week) so that your learning needs can be appropriately met.

In order to receive accommodations, documentation concerning your disability must be on file with Disability Services in the Center for Academic Support, 7th floor of the Ashland University Library, 419-289-5904. Please contact them with any questions you may have. Support Services can also provide a copy of the ADA handbook upon request.