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Special Announcement



The unrest that has roiled communities across our country this past week reminds us once again that the evils of racism, hatred and violence are alive among us and cause great harm to our society. Ashland Theological Seminary laments all acts of injustice and prejudice that are so common all around us including in Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit where Ashland Theological Seminary has had a long and blessed presence with our students, alumni, and their church communities.

Ashland Theological Seminary is committed to doing justice and showing respect for all persons as God’s image-bearers and as people for whom Christ died. We understand justice to be the work of repairing what has been broken by human sin, reconciling persons to God and one another, and restoring the conditions in which humans live for their own flourishing and the common good. We believe that the reign of God requires justice for all. Scripture demonstrates that God cares deeply about the well-being of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized members of society and that God calls us as his followers to do the same.

As these events unfold before us, we are reminded of Jesus’ promise that God will grant justice to his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night and that he will not delay long in helping them (Luke 18:7). We place our hope in the words of Jesus and along with the Prophet Habakkuk we cry out “How long, O Lord?” (1:2).

 Along with Jesus, we stand together with those who are suffering and join with other Christians across the country in our prayers for justice and peace among all people.

John Byron, Ph.D.

Dean of the Seminary

Professor of New Testament

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