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Dr. Jason S Barnhart

Dr. Jason S Barnhart

Adjunct Instructor

Email: jbarnhar@ashland.edu

Jason Barnhart is the Director of Brethren Research and Resourcing for the Brethren Church National Office in Ashland, Ohio. He has over a decade of pastoral experience in congregations in Ohio. He served for three years (2014-2017) as the University Chaplain of Ashland University in Ashland. He has served as an adjunct instructor as Ashland University for the past four years.

 Jason was co-editor of A Brethren Witness for the 21st Century (2014) and co-edited a primer for the work, A Brethren Witness Primer (2015), for youth and young adults. He also served as the editor of A Brethren Way: Rediscovering our Distinct Posture and Witness (2016). From 2017-2019, Jason worked on a DVD curriculum series to help viewers understand exactly who the Brethren are, and how they have practiced their faith since arriving in America. He has authored several articles many of which bring the theological witness of the Ashland Brethren into conversation with the larger world of American evangelicalism. He is currently working on a book entitled The Hospitality of the Cross: A Vision of Cruciform Friendship in the Final Words of Jesus which explores the intersection of atonement and divine friendship as an act of hospitality in the life of the Trinity.

 Jason serves on the Brethren Encyclopedia Board and the Brethren Journal Association, which oversees the publication, Brethren Life & Thought, and serves on the North Central Regional Leadership Team of the Brethren Church. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (2004) in Religion and Ethics from Ashland University, a Master of Divinity (2008) from Ashland Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Theology (2019) in Brethren historical theology from La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a deep love and appreciation for Brethren historical theology and works to bring it into engagement with our present day. Alongside his love of Brethren thought, he has a deep interest in the theology of Karl Barth, Anabaptist thought, political theology, Thomas Merton and monasticism, and spiritual formation.

 Jason resides in Ashland with his wife, Allison, two children, Miles and Clementine, and their rambunctious miniature dachshund, Golly. In his free time Jason enjoys readings, working outside and discussing theology.

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