Field Study Capstone

FLD 6614
Semester Credit Hours Faculty Modality Meeting Time Location
Fall 2021 1

J. Swope

Remote On-Demand TBA ONL
Spring 2022 1

J. Swope

Remote On-Demand TBA ONL

Prerequisite: FLD 6612 for MACM and FLD 6613 for MDiv

Students conclude their Field Study through final evaluation and reflection upon their entire seminary experience. The Capstone experience for Field Study includes writing a Case Study, compiling a capstone Portfolio, and arranging a Graduation Interview with a team of ministerial, personal, and academic mentors. Graduation interviews must be completed by November 15th for December graduation and by April 15th for May graduation. It is recommended that students enroll in FLD 6614 Field Study Capstone in their final semester in seminary. 100 hours of field ministry required

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