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Ashland Theological Seminary prepares modern-day disciples to be leaders and counselors in a wide variety of ministry and professional settings. Our students, faculty, and staff come from diverse traditions and theological backgrounds for the purpose of discovering God’s truth together. We do not shy away from differences, but always return to Christ and the unity we find in Him. We equip you in mind, deed, and heart, so when you graduate, you’re ready to follow your calling for a lifetime.


Our Programs

Master of Arts Biblical Studies

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Master of Arts Historical and Theological Studies

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Doctor of Ministry


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Master of Arts in Black Church Studies

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Master of Divinity

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Master of Arts in Applied Bible & Theology

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

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Master of Divinity Chaplaincy

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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Master of Divinity Chaplaincy

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News & Events

Happening Now

5-14-22 Commencement 2022
Join us for Commencement 2022

Livestream Event
5-25-22 The Mystery & Message of Revelation
Dr. John Byron, Dean & Professor of New Testament will be giving a presentation at First Baptist Church in Alliance, Ohio. Please join us!
6-3-22 Alumni & Friends Social
Join us for an Alumni & Friends Social at the Oak Grove Mennonite Church in West Liberty, Ohio.
6-4-22 “Fakes, Frauds, Forgeries: Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?”
Dr. John Byron, Dean & Professor of New Testament will be giving a presentation at the South Union Mennonite Church in West Liberty, Ohio. Please join us!
6-5-22 “Resurrection: The hope for the world”
Dr. John Byron, Dean & Professor of New Testament will be preaching on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. on the "Resurrection: The hope for the world" at the Oak Grove Mennonite Church in West Liberty, Ohio. Please join us!
Archer Scholarship
If you are one of the first 100 new students matriculating in fall 2022, you will receive a $6,000 scholarship towards tuition due to the generosity of Bob & Jan Archer.
The health and safety of our community is of utmost importance to Ashland University and Ashland Theological Seminary.  We are committed to keeping our campuses healthy and informed of significant new developments.
Retirement Celebration for Dr. Brenda Colijn and Dr. Lee Wetherbee
Ashland Theological Seminary honors Dr. Brenda Colijn and Dr. Lee Wetherbee on their retirement.
Tuition Reduction Scholarship
We are excited to announce all returning students will receive 15% off the total cost of tuition for fall & spring semesters 2022-23!
core values

Our Values


Ashland Seminary believes God’s saving revelation has been supremely made in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the complete and authentic record of that revelation. We are committed to both the Old and New Testaments as God’s infallible message for the church and the world. The Scriptures are foundational to the education process at Ashland Seminary.


Ashland Seminary builds community through shared faith. As students, staff, faculty, and administration, we identify ourselves as community. We express community through Chapel, classes, Spiritual Formation groups, social events, conferences, prayer cells, and joint ministry experiences as we work and live together. Within this environment of support and challenge, it is possible for us to grow inwardly, in our relationship with God and others, and in our outlook on the world.

Spiritual Formation​

Ashland Seminary believes that Spiritual Formation is at the heart of all we do. Spiritual Formation is the process of nurturing an intimate relationship with God, encompassing heart, soul, and mind. Spiritual Formation is obedience to the Word of Christ and an intentional commitment to grow, study, pray, and be held accountable for our life and witness, both before God and one another.

Academic Excellence

Ashland Seminary is committed to academic excellence. While seminary education is unique, Ashland creates an atmosphere conducive to academic studies and sustains high scholastic standards from an internationally recognized faculty. Integrated within our curriculum is the whole framework of the Seminary’s Core Values leading to a goal of lifelong learning expressed through servant leadership.


Hear from Students

David Van Hal

2019 Graduate

Ashland gave me the opportunity to explore the Bible and the Faith with incredible professors and classmates from a wide variety of church backgrounds. I am beyond grateful for the lifelong tools, experiences, and growth it has provided.

Mary Kaufman

2008 Graduate

I will forever treasure my experience at Ashland. My time in seminary helped me not only know the truth but live by the truth. It was evident the professors cared about academic excellence and spiritual formation. They were committed to building the whole person. Other students became like family to me. We locked arms by learning and growing in our faith together.

Michael Hadinger

2014 Graduate

What stands out to me the most from my time at Ashland—besides a quality education that prepared me well for ministry and post-graduate studies—is the diversity of faith. It was wonderful to learn and grow with people of various denominations and traditions who were unified under Christ and the Scriptures. Ashland’s diversity will enhance your familiarity with the many beautiful nuances of the Kingdom of God!

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