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Equip Yourself

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Since coming to faith in Christ, God’s Spirit has been steadily forming you into the likeness of His Son and drawing you into His work in the world. No matter your background or faith journey so far, you have been called to take up your cross and follow Jesus in the unique ways God is calling you. 

At Ashland Theological Seminary, we equip the called for effective ministry. Our seasoned professors with real-world ministry experience come alongside students to share practical tools and theological study techniques to understand, teach and apply the word of God faithfully.  

You can gain valuable insights and grow as a modern-day disciple through a close-knit community of students and Bible-centered coursework. You don’t have to begin ministering to others alone or unprepared. We are called to prepare and encourage you to follow your calling for a lifetime.


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As our faculty members follow their individual mandates to equip modern-day disciples to be leaders and counselors across a wide variety of ministry and professional settings, they learn a lot along the way. Click below to share in their insights and find encouragement as you pursue everything God has in store for you and your future.

Core Values

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Ashland Theological Seminary is dedicated to set you forth to follow Christ on the journey He has prepared for you. We are committed to academic excellence and spiritual growth within supportive community relationships that last a lifetime. 

And it all starts with our four core values:


God’s saving revelation is foundational to the education process at Ashland Theological Seminary.


Through an environment of support and challenge, together we are able to grow inwardly, in our relationship with God and others and in our outlook on the world.

Spiritual Formation

The process of nurturing an intimate relationship with God, encompassing heart, soul and mind, is at the heart of all we do. 

Academic Excellence

Ashland Theological Seminary creates an atmosphere conducive to academic studies and sustains high scholastic standards from an internationally recognized faculty. 

To learn more about our core values watch the corresponding videos featuring Ashland Theological Seminary alumni, faculty, staff and students.

Pathways to Access

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No matter what God is preparing you for, we’ve made it simple and convenient to access a world-class seminary education. From traditional, on-campus classroom settings within a tight-knit community of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, to one-on-one attention from faculty from anywhere in the world–and everything in between–the full benefits of an Ashland Theological Seminary education are available to you. Click below to find the learning option that works best for you.

Attend class live from your location when you connect virtually through a Traditional Access class.

Complete weekly coursework independently online and engage with your professor and peers regularly.

Complete weekly coursework on-demand and join scheduled meetings online with your professor and peers.

Attend class live and in-person with your professor and peers at one of our campus locations.

Attend class in-person less than 50% of the time. Complete the rest of your coursework independently online.

Request Information

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We’re here to support you as you follow God’s call on your life. When you complete this form, we will personally reach out to you to discuss your selected degree program.

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