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Empower Your Calling

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Have you ever wanted to understand the Bible more fully? Are you interested in developing useful skills for ministry? On your journey of following Christ, you may have started to see the benefit of ministry preparation to help empower your calling. The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries is an integrative program that uses biblical, theological, historical and contextual foundations to prepare you for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.

In this 55-hour program, you’ll develop strong competencies for ministry. MACM coursework equips you with skills in critical exegesis, faithful preaching, leadership expertise, spiritual formation practices, Christian ethics, and more. Learn from experts in your field who have received global recognition for their scholarship and have decades of ministry experience. If a full-time schedule is a challenge for you, we offer flexible coursework so you can keep up with your job and family.

What to Expect

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In our degree program, you will learn the foundations of faithful, critical Scripture interpretation and application. Our curriculum is designed to help you build a missional vision of kingdom ministry within our ever-changing world. Together with your peers, you will have the opportunity to establish disciplines in your life and community that foster spiritual and moral formation. We teach dependence on Christ in all you do as you put your theological education into practice.


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55 Credit Hours

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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM) is designed to equip graduates for effective ministry and competent leadership primarily in congregational settings. The degree provides a foundation in ministerial theory and practice that will assist students to pursue ministry vocations that do not require an MDiv.

Having completed the MACM, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate critical and faithful interpretation and responsible use of Scripture in appropriate ministry and professional settings
  2. Establish communal and personal disciplines that nourish Christian spiritual and moral formation
  3. Form a missional vision of kingdom ministry within multi-cultural and multi-faith contexts
  4. Demonstrate critical theological reflection that is biblically faithful, historically grounded, contextually relevant, and integrated with life and ministry
  5. Develop ongoing just and moral practices that bear witness to the full scope of the kingdom of God
  6. Exhibit effective ministry skill sets related to intended areas of service

Summative Coursework 
FLD 6611 Field Study Introduction 1 hour
FLD 6612 Field Study (2) 1 hour
FLD 6614 Field Study Capstone 1 hour

Spiritual Formation Courses
SPF 5540 Introduction to Spiritual Formation 4 hours

Core Courses 
BSG 5501 Engaging Texts and Contexts 3 hours
CHS 5500 Story of the Christian Faith 3 hours
CTH 5520 Christian Theology for the Kingdom of God 3 hours
ETH 5530 Christian Ethics 3 hours
MSS 5501 Kingdom Mission in a Global Community 3 hours
NTS 5511 Introduction to the New Testament 3 hours
OTS 5511 Introduction to the Old Testament (Part 1) 3 hours
OTS 5512 Introduction to the Old Testament (Part 2) 3 hours

Ministry Courses
CLD 6630 Leading the People of God 3 hours
CWP 5512 Worship and the Community of God 3 hours
PCC 5520 Person in Ministry 3 hours
PCC 5530 Pastoral Counseling and Care 3 hours

Christian Ministries Courses
Choose 2 of the following 3 courses:
CRE 5501 Forming the People of God 3 hours
HOM 5511 Proclaiming the Word of God 3 hours
EVG 5513 Evangelistic Practices 3 hours

Elective Courses
Open Electives 6 hours

Total Hours
55 hours

Click here to download a PDF of required courses.

You can complete your Christian Ministries coursework online or in-person using any combination of the following modalities:

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Attend class live from your location when you connect virtually through a Traditional Access class.

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Complete weekly coursework independently online and engage with your professor and peers regularly.

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Complete weekly coursework on-demand and join scheduled meetings online with your professor and peers.

In-Person & On-Demand icon

Attend class in person less than 50% of the time. Complete the rest of your coursework independently online.

In-Person icon

Attend class live and in-person with your professor and peers at our historic campus in Ashland, Oh.

Study with scholars who have decades of real-world ministry experience. Our faculty are called to train faithful followers for effective ministry and are personally invested in you.

Step Into Your Calling

Develop the practical ministry competencies and Scripture interpretation skills you need to live out your calling.

Community-Based Learning Opportunity

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Do you want to complete your studies in a tight-knit community? MACM students are eligible to join LIFE 631, a residential, co-curricular program that prioritizes emotional and spiritual formation. Study with others who share your calling.

Life 631 Learn by Living

Hear from MACM Students

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Charles U. Finklea

MACM, 2019 Graduate

Ashland Theological Seminary was a great blessing for me! Your spiritual formation will lead to radical transformation and your education and experience will lead to discernment. Enjoy this time; embrace it.

Theological Education You Can Afford

One of your main concerns with theological education may be the costs involved. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help cover the cost of your seminary program and ensure you can access the ministry preparation you need.

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We’re here to support you as you follow God’s call on your life. When you complete this form, we will personally reach out to discuss our Christian Ministries program. We’re here to support you as you discern which path of ministry at Ashland Theological Seminary is right for you.

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