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Tony Donofrio

Dr. Tony Donofrio, PHD, PC

Program Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program; Professor of Counseling

As a 1999 graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary, Dr. Donofrio was a beneficiary of the seminary’s academic excellence, emphasis on God’s word, and rich sense of Christian community. Ultimately, his experiences at ATS, and the manner in which they contributed to his personal, professional, and spiritual formation, prompted an interest to pursue a faculty position and reinvest in the same community from which he had so greatly benefited.

What Dr. Donofrio most appreciates about ATS is the quality of individuals working in all capacities at the seminary, united by their shared commitment to Christ. They create a wonderful culture of accountability, friendship, support, and joy which enrich both his life and his spiritual journey. Similarly, the students who attend ATS evidence lives and ministries that are centered in Christ; Dr. Donofrio finds their enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and devotion both inspiring and challenging.

The most significant transformations in Dr. Donofrio’s faith journey have occurred within the context of relationship. There are several specific experiences that stand out in his mind as substantial catalysts for spiritual growth: his years as a youth pastor, the mentorship of his senior pastor, and his education at Ashland Theological Seminary. Additionally, the joys and challenges of being a husband and father have expanded his perspective of God and exposed blind spots in his life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Dr. Donofrio and his wife were high school sweethearts who married after finishing college. The Donofrios now have two wonderful daughters who have transformed their lives. They enjoy traveling as a family, especially if it involves spending a day at a water park or wandering around Cabela’s. Dr. Donofrio’s other hobbies include playing tennis, hiking, tinkering with technology, and attending his daughters’ sporting events.

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