Counseling is a CALLING

Is the Lord Calling You to a Career in Counseling?

The path to becoming a clinical mental health counselor is often a long and winding one. It often begins with a personal touch by a caring professional equipped with the tools and skills necessary to help you navigate through a tough time in your life.


Maybe you have seen the impact of counseling on a friend who’s lost a loved one.


Or you may have had a counselor offer guidance when you felt lost in your battle against depression and anxiety.


Or you may have experienced the expertise of a counselor specializing in marriage and family therapy to help save your marriage.


There are many reasons why you might be considering becoming a clinical mental health counselor, but discerning that call—and then following it—can be difficult.


In this guide, Dr. Yvonne Glass, Director of the Clinical Mental Health in Counseling program at Ashland Theological Seminary outlines what that calling might look like, along with what it takes to become a CACREP-certified clinical mental health counselor.

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