Get Equipped for

Parachurch Ministry

Life is full of highs and lows. And no matter what season of life you’re in, it can be difficult to determine your next step. That’s why members of our faculty and staff have come together to share practical insights about how to thrive in parachurch ministry.

This devotional is designed to help you navigate your future with wisdom as you pursue God’s call on your life. Each page is written to equip you for ministry success while helping you determine which path of ministry is right for you.

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Get Equipped

When you feel called to a life of ministry, it’s normal to feel both excited and apprehensive. The anticipation to follow God brings a great deal of delight and urgency. However, you may be uncertain about how to transition.

We understand what it’s like to sense God’s calling on your life, but not know how to take the next step. The pull to jump into ministry is strong, but you also want to carefully discern how to become better equipped for the work ahead.

Instead of teaching you what to think, our coursework and culture provide the tools you need to effectively follow your calling for a lifetime. Our goal is to walk beside you on your journey as God moves in and through your life.

Explore Your Calling

If you’re ready to take the next step into exploring the call God has placed in your heart, seminary could be part of that journey. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Does this school have the program I need to follow my calling?
  • Are programs flexible enough to fit into my schedule?
  • Can I afford an education here?
  • Do my values align with the values of this school?

When you find the right institution for your unique calling, you set yourself up for an empowering experience that prepares you to follow your calling for a lifetime.

At Ashland Theological Seminary, we take a unique approach to higher education. You can explore our core values, modalities and programs below to find out firsthand what pursuing a degree here is all about.

Core Values


Ashland Seminary believes God’s saving revelation has been supremely made in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the complete and authentic record of that revelation. We are committed to both the Old and New Testaments as God’s infallible message for the church and the world. The Scriptures are foundational to the education process at Ashland Seminary.


Ashland Seminary builds community through shared faith. As students, staff, faculty, and administration, we identify ourselves as community. We express community through Chapel, classes, Spiritual Formation groups, social events, conferences, prayer cells, and joint ministry experiences as we work and live together. Within this environment of support and challenge, it is possible for us to grow inwardly, in our relationship with God and others, and in our outlook on the world.

Spiritual Formation​

Ashland Seminary believes that Spiritual Formation is at the heart of all we do. Spiritual Formation is the process of nurturing an intimate relationship with God, encompassing heart, soul, and mind. Spiritual Formation is obedience to the Word of Christ and an intentional commitment to grow, study, pray, and be held accountable for our life and witness, both before God and one another.

Academic Excellence

Ashland Seminary is committed to academic excellence. While seminary education is unique, Ashland creates an atmosphere conducive to academic studies and sustains high scholastic standards from an internationally recognized faculty. Integrated within our curriculum is the whole framework of the Seminary’s Core Values leading to a goal of lifelong learning expressed through servant leadership.


We offer each of our courses in one of the following modalities:

We offer each of our courses in one of the following modalities:

Attend class live from your location when you connect virtually through a Traditional Access class.

Complete weekly coursework independently online and engage with your professor and peers regularly.

Complete weekly coursework on-demand and join scheduled meetings online with your professor and peers.

Attend class live and in-person with your professor and peers at one of our campus locations.

Attend class in-person less than 50% of the time. Complete the rest of your coursework independently online.

Explore Our Programs

Master of Arts Biblical Studies

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Master of Arts Historical and Theological Studies

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Doctor of Ministry


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Master of Arts in Black Church Studies

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Master of Divinity

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Master of Arts in Applied Bible & Theology

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

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Master of Divinity Chaplaincy

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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Master of Divinity Chaplaincy

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Start Your Journey

Are you ready to take the next step toward following your calling? It’s as easy as three simple steps. 

1. Explore Programs

  • Familiarize yourself with the programs we offer that you think are best suited to help you realize your ministry goals.

2. Reach Out

  • Contact us to learn more about the programs we offer, financial aid opportunities and the resources available to you through our accredited theological school.

3. Start Your Journey

  • From day one, you will embark on an exciting new adventure of following Jesus like never before. The journey awaits!

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We’re here to support you as you follow God’s call on your life. When you complete this form, we will reach out to discuss your various ministry interests. We’re ready to help you discern which path of ministry is right for you.